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The Fix (Whitetail Rock, #2)

The Fix (Whitetail Rock, #2) - Anne Tenino These two are too sweet and swoony and of course I loved it. What a great follow up to see what Nik and Jurgen are up to. I love their relationship; even when it's reversed and hello Ian! It's time for your story my dear. Loved the end as well. It's a bit of "Good night, Gracie" with their last words. Le Sigh.

Whitetail Rock (Whitetail Rock, #1)

Whitetail Rock (Whitetail Rock, #1) - Anne Tenino I can't believe I did not read this sooner. What a fun story. I loved seeing bits of Sam (he is the reason I stopped Too Stupid to Live and went back to read this) and his hopeless romantic self but Nik and Jurgen? Goodness those two are fun, sexy and oh so swoony. This was such a fun read. Off to read the next one!

Handle with Care

Handle with Care - Josephine Myles So stinking cute! Full review soon.
An Inch at a Time - Heidi Belleau, Amelia C. Gormley I have two words for this book; brilliant and more. I want more. I loved meeting James and Professor Carson in Giving an Inch. One text message to the wrong number and we were given one hot, controlled and sexy encounter in a dressing room. But what? Why? And How were Carson and James previously involved? I tickled as pink as a newly spanked history student when I saw that we get the beginning of their story. So. Damn. Excited.He watched his student’s face carefully, searching for – ah, there it was. A flicker of intrigue that went beyond idle curiosity. This was more than I could have asked for and it had everything I needed. I loved everything about it from the opening scene to the last “Yes, Professor.” These two men were insatiable…I am insatiable for more of their story. The control of Professor Evander Carson was hugely attractive. I love, LOVE how he took tutoring to a whole new level. I couldn’t focus either James, I get it but hot damn I would have loved to be a TA for those sessions. Sure, I did learn a bit of Jacobite Rebellion with them but did I mention they were HOT and once again I read this mostly at my desk at work? When will I learn with this writing pair? Do not read this at work unless you have an office with a door that can be closed and locked. I give you fair warning.He wanted to play by the professor’s rules, do things his way. We learn a bit more about our student and professor in this book. Just enough… like foreplay really; it has me wanting more and more. Give it to me already! Please? Pretty Please, Professor? James, oh James; you slumped in a chair revealing bits about your past, you kill me boy. Just slice open my veins and let me bleed my heart for you. Ugh. I am in love with these two, their roles in and out of the classroom. The passion that sneaks through before that final exam had me with a "SHUT UP!" moment followed by a swoon worthy of an animated princess. What a great way to go back and give us, give me what I wanted from the moment I read the response to James’ text in Giving an Inch. We now know how the relationship began, how Carson instructed James into new areas of himself but what went wrong? Once again; kudos to this pair of authors for sucking me in and having me begging for more. Well played, ladies. Well played. I know the “how” of their beginnings but now I need to know the “what” of the end. Of course, I am up for the tease in between those two questions. With these boys/men at play, it will be exquisite torture. While yes, this was short and sexy I am in love with the writing. Just a few sentences tossed into a scene that had me doing a double read with a highlight and notes to make sure I don’t forget them, as if I could. So yeah, this book was sexy, there was foreplay, there was sex but this was one hell of a brilliantly written book. …and it was so. Fucking. Good. *ARC provided by Riptide Publishing via NetGalley*

Something Like Winter

Something Like Winter - Jay Bell I am an absolute sobbing mess. What a beautiful book. I will review this soon.
Playing with Food - K.A. Merikan Stuck at the bottom of the huge aquarium, he watched the soulless land dwellers munch on the flesh of his brothers and sisters. This is what I get for being curious. You get fucked up creatures doing fucked up things to other creatures while you don't understand what is going on at all. All I know is...I don't know what the fuck I just read. “I have a need for a resourceful fish boy.”
Playing with Food - K.A. Merikan Stuck at the bottom of the huge aquarium, he watched the soulless land dwellers munch on the flesh of his brothers and sisters. This is what I get for being curious. You get fucked up creatures doing fucked up things to other creatures while you don't understand what is going on at all. All I know is...I don't know what the fuck I just read. “I have a need for a resourceful fish boy.”
Bind and Keep Me - Cari Silverwood Sometimes fear can be solid – it can be something that clogs your lungs and invades your blood vessels until you wonder if the next pump of our heart will see you dead. Oh boy. What a twisted tale this has turned out to be. After reading Take Me, Break Me and dare I say, enjoying the story of Klaus and Jodie I was more than intrigued to find out how it would continue. What I thought I would get and what I got are two totally different things.Klaus was my rock, my soul mate, my lover, my man who delivered me delicious pain over his lap, or with his hand firmly clenched in my hair or his foot on my neck. I wouldn’t have done it for any other man. But I loved him. Klaus and Jodie have settled nicely into their new roles and their renewed relationship. Things seem to be going swimmingly and I was ready for some great scenes filled with kink and Klaus’ new learnt and controlled Sadism. But…what happens in those first few pages had my jaw on the floor. WHO starts a book off like that and what the hell is going to happen through the rest if this is how it begins? Can I answer that? No, it is one twisted mess that seems to have a way of fixing it but is this right thing to do?Jodie, this has ripped a huge hole in our lives. We cannot be the same after this. I can’t tell if this is me rising to the occasion, or descending into Hell. If I could take back what was done to you, I’d sacrifice myself to whatever fucking god I could find, but I can’t.I will admit that I fell in love with Klaus in Take Me, Break Me. I loved watching him change and grow but in this? He blew me away. The control that he exhibits while balancing that fine line where he could take it too far was stunning. His emotions, his inner struggle and yes, even his sadism were gorgeous to me. With Jodie; we see a very different side to her that was fitting though be it at times confusing, yet her ying and the yang came together in perfect form. The author has such a way of bringing the beauty into the darkness and the pleasure with the pain.Speaking of beauty; let me step outside the story and just talk about the writing. The writing is gorgeous. Things like:The flat liquid glinted in the fluorescent light. Outside in the night, past the wide open glass doors, the wind sighed and sent tree boughs rubbing one another and rustling. The pages on a magazine flipped. Leaves skittered along the wide verandah. That right there is the reason that books that go into the dark side of our sexuality and psyche are so easily read for me. The beauty and intelligence of the writing can carry you through the darkest scenes if you just let them seep in and marinate into your soul. Those words have me immersed in the story, I am there. I can see the liquid and hear each noise, I am transported from my comfortable chair in the safety of my home to the unknown that is soon to unfold and tell me its story.Down the rabbit hole this story takes us. I would like to say that we went pretty dark with Jodie and Klaus in the first book but what we learn here was certainly eye opening and once again I loved it. I am a fan of the dark side of erotica and Bind and Keep Me takes us to the darkest corners where we have to take a step back along with our characters to remember what is right, what is moral and when to say fuck it all and just let it happen.I was so fucked in the head. I loved this. And I wondered who I was. I’d thought I was a pillar of society. But now, I knew I was a thousand miles from that. And I wasn’t sure I cared anymore. Bind and Keep Me is sure to push buttons and boundaries. There are parts that admiringly had my eyebrows up and past my hair line as well as many curses uttered as I tried to figure out where this was going. This is one hell of a mind fuck from the first word to the last that even Klaus would be in awe of. Sexual possession, power, sadism – all rolled into one.
Chasing Matt - Nikka Michaels,  Eileen Griffin I am a picky reader. I have said this more than once. But I AM a reader who enjoys getting lost in the world of words that can take me to another place. With that being said. Ugh. First sentence of this book "I got out the car…" oh boy. First sentence! Okay, I am so not an editor, I can overlook minor editing in a book, I have done it before BUT the thing is when I start to edit a book it is all I focus on and folks that is never a good thing. So after the first sentence we then get "My phone’s ringtone sounded." Your what did what? We also get "The noise was dulled and muted…" Um…yeah. Do we need forced fancy shmancy wrting in this? From the summary I thought these were two "normal" guys who even in their inner dialogue would speak “normal.” I would love to say that the writing got better but it was as if someone swallowed a dictionary/thesaurus and wanted to show us how they are able to use big words. Big words don’t make a good story. Oh and while we are on the subject of words; I will admit I love dirty talk. On my list of dirty words to use IN dirty talk is cock. There is so much to be said in those four letters but in a story with less than 50 pages of actual story the word is used 39 times and I started to feel dirty while reading it. Again. Not good. The story, it could have been decent. It is cute but that’s about it and quite frankly pushing it. The star awarded goes for the title, I will give it points for that. I never felt connected to either Matt or Chase. This read more like a telegram reading by a robot. Chase did this. stop Matt did this. stop I felt like I was being told instead of being allowed to feel what was going on. There was zero chemistry between the MC’s and no end or resolution…no they walked off into the sunset no nothing. It just drops you off and you read the words THE END. Honestly, you read the words so you know it’s over. I wanted to like this but I ended up skimming the majority of it. The length was not the problem, I have read some fantastically written short stories lately that can blow full length novels out of the water. The summary was cute and as I said the title was witty with the play on their names but the feeling of trying too hard to be impressive, a rushed story and zero connection to the characters, this fell flat for me.

Slammed (San Amaro Singles)

Slammed - Kelly Jamieson Rating Clarification: 4.5 starsI may have mentioned that I am I lust with a little beach town named San Amaro. It has everything; sand, surf, shops…sex. Sex? Say what? Why would I mention that in the town’s brochure? Just read this series and you will get an idea.Slammed. First let me say how much I adore the title off this book, it just fits the story. The story? Well, this is one I was beyond excited to get. You see, I met our resident surfer, Dylan Schell, in With Strings Attached and I fell for him hard. Not only is he sexy but his past made me melt and just want to hug him, with all four limbs tightly around his body. I know. I know. Keep it in your pants right? Just wait until you meet him in this book. Great Googly Moogly, just wait.So, Dylan left San Amaro, alone and is back in the water showing the world he is a champ. He is also showing that he is a party boy who likes to proposition flight attendants to join certain clubs and enjoy a public orgy or…you get the idea. Enter Brooke Lowry, a member with the PR department for the company who sponsors Dylan, Jackson Cole. Brooke is sent half way around the world to the tropical paradise of Tahiti to get to Dylan to reign it in or lose his sponsorship. Ah, Tahiti; such a beautiful place that is prone to terrible storms. What to do when you are forced to stay inside a hotel room with a sexy surfer who you kinda know and more than kinda have the hots for and who happens to feel mutually about you and the situation? Oh Brooke; que the Marvin Gaye please.All day, Brooke. I want to do this all day. You and me in this bed. Works…for…me. These two were on fire. I loved their passion and their playfulness. The way Brooke gets Dylan to return to San Amaro and the counter offer he throws back, you know there are more great times ahead for our couple. But once they are out of the magical spell of the tropics what happens back home. I mean, Brooke is “in charge” of Dylan and it’s her job to make sure he stays on the straight and narrow but, this is Dylan!Sleeping with him had been incredible, and even though she wondered how this going to impact their working relationship once back in California, she’d done it anyway because…because…well she couldn’t exactly explain it other than-As they are once again in the real world of work and responsibility, things get a bit messy, a bit clouded and the lines begin to blur. I loved watching Brooke and Dylan dance around each other, dance around the tension and the magnetic pull between them that is undeniable. Brooke’s family is fantastic and her dad is hilarious with one line that had me shaking my head and laughing.Now back in San Amaro, Matt and Corey are getting married. This is not an easy peasy visit for Dylan; he is still dealing with the way he left and what happened before it. How could he be around his friends after their time together? Would things be the same, different, more? Sigh. Now me, I was a giddy fan girl seeing them again. I loved their story in With Strings Attached and was so happy to get bits of them as well as seeing Jules, Mike and Carlos from How to Love. It was one big San Amaro Singles reunion and it was like seeing old friends again.As Dylan adjusts to his new role with Jackson Cole and attempts to let go of the party boy atmosphere we see another side to our sexy surfer. I was blown away by his talk about surfing and the relation of it to physics. He may talk in traditional mondo surfer talk but make no mistake that Dylan Schell is lackadaisical , far from it. I loved how he molded into this new version of himself, not only to save his career but the actual interest and love for his sport. Sigh. Have I mentioned yet that I adore Dylan?Brooke, let me tell you I loved being in this girl's head and learning the cute and funny words she uses. She was a blast to read, there was not one thing I disliked about her. She was someone I could relate to from the first moment I met her. She was, for lack of a better description, a normal girl. Her family support is beautiful, her compassion for others is remarkable and her ability to love enormous. She is the perfect match in every way for Dylan and their chemistry is off the charts smokin'!Slammed is a great conclusion to the San Amaro Singles series. It is quite frankly my favorite and that is a hard choice to make. The friendship, the relationship and just the love story of Dylan and Brooke was fantastic. It was sexy, (*ahem*…mirror on the dresser scene was one of my favorites alone with a certain nibble of someone’s anatomy), it was fun and it was oh so romantic. A total package and to quote Brooke it was…Erotic. Exotic. Hypnotic. A side note if you will. Substance with sex. I have said this many times when it comes to books. I need a substance with my sex and with this series it is what you get. Now, I am a red blooded female and I love reading a good sex scene but with that you have to have a story or you lose me. There was never a point of getting lost here. There is no gratuitous sex that is thrown in there just to have a sex scene. Sex is important for relationships, for romantic relationships, it’s intimate, it is how we connect on the most basic level and sometimes it’s how relationships begin. With Dylan and Brooke it was just as natural as the ocean creating a current or a wave.***Review Copy provided by the author for an honest review.***
Boys on Film - Lily G. Blunt I may have added this for the summary or the simple fact that I began to sing Duran Duran when I read the title.
The Flesh Cartel #3: Choices - Rachel Haimowitz, Heidi Belleau Jesus Christ help me, I’m going mad. Episode three, where do I begin? How do I begin? This series is doing one hell of a number on me. I love it, I hate it, I love it again and then I feel a bit odd and wobbly about the fact that I love it. That I admit that I am so drawn to this story that I have loaded myself up with each episode to have my Friday reads with Mat, Dougie and Nikolai.Burn the past.Dougie and Mat have been bought at Madame’s auction after that gruesome and heart wrenching display by Dougie. They are packaged and shipped separately to their new owner. Neither brother knows what is going on with the other…that is the biggest obstacle for them; being apart. The difference in the way they are handled is, quite frankly brilliant. You feel their pain, their isolation and their fear of uncertainty about what will happen next. Mat’s journey was hard to read, it always is but his guide revealed something that once I read his phone conversation with Nikolai I started to look at things different. Now, I am not putting on rose colored glasses but the fact that Nikolai is capable of…it just changes things a bit for me.This episode felt different from the first two. Not that it was any less brutal but we got more of Nikolai who I can say I am fascinated by. Maybe I have developed a fetish for sadists? There is something attractive to me about the way they carry themselves. Their mannerisms, their level of control, the way they speak…it’s almost aristocratic if you will. Just the simplicity of Nikolai NOT using the nicknames for the brothers and instead referring to them as Mathias and Douglas. How proper he is with his slaves in training.You may call me ‘sir’ or ‘master.’ I am not a man who threatens; I find the whole business uncouth. But in life there are choices, and there are consequences. There are always consequences. Choices…these boys have just begun their journey and I am so intrigued yet frightened for what is in store for them. I want them to fight, I want them to give in, I want them to be okay. I hold my breath each Friday as I read another episode waiting to find out what will happen and how this will all be played out. Until next time.Tell me what I have to do. Tell me how not to suffer. Offer them everything – not just your mouth, but your heart and mind as well.

When You Were Pixels (Syntax #0.1)

When You Were Pixels (Syntax #0.1) - Julio-Alexi Genao In the words of George Takei…Oh. My. Where oh where did this book come from? This was stunning. This was brilliant. This was heartbreaking. This was stellar and this was only 20+ pages! I am not one to read Science Fiction nor am I one to who is comfortable stepping out of my world into another but the author sucked me into Antho’s head and his story so quickly that I had no choice. No choice but to read this gorgeous story holding my breath waiting for that simple moment of realization. To say it again, Oh my. I have to read this again and again and again. Did I mention the page number of this story? I am so impressed with an author when they can make me feel a range of emotions so quickly and so thoroughly. Page numbers mean nothing; the words laid on the digital page one after another, so fitting for this story, are what matters. The way I felt while reading them is what matters and right now I am simply stunned and attempting NOT to cry at my desk where I did indeed sneak read the last five pages. This was complete. It was again, beautiful and thought provoking and this story, played out in my mind as if I were watching it form pixel by pixel… I gave you all my secrets, and you lost them all. You lost a lot of things. You’ve forgotten me, but I’ll remember you as long as I live. My name is Antho, and I love you.
Rough Canvas - Joey W. Hill A man looks at the person he loves, he sees his compass. A man can command all the physical aspects of his world but if his soul is lot, well…it doesn’t mean much. Wow. Simply wow. This was my first Joey Hill book and I am blown away by the sheer talent on the page. This woman can write her ass off. There is no other way to say it. She had my heart in a vice through each page. Had me highlighting passage after passage wanting to absorb every word into my soul to hold onto the emotion it was causing in me. Each smile that came forth, each gasp as my hand clutched at my chest trying to keep it together and failing each time. Each moment where I dropped my Nook unable to keep a firm grasp on it due to the intensity of the scene I was reading; the unbelievable intensity of love, heartbreak, loyalty and passion between these two men. To say this story was beautiful is not doing it justice. It was stellar. It. Was. Epic. Let everything but the energy go, and see where it takes you…Lost souls; we get two heartbreaking beautiful lost souls in this book who are so damn stubborn and full of emotion that it is breaking my heart just to write a review. Thomas, oh Thomas. You sir won me over from page one and with your first memory of antique shopping with Marcus I knew that the two of you would take me on an emotional roller coaster and you did not disappoint. Your struggle to want, to simply want and do what is right had me pressing my palm into my belly in attempts to calm the intensity flowing through me.Thomas had heard how your life could pass before your eyes when it was threatened. Apparently every memory of that life with someone else could do the same when you heart was threatened. To say I have a soft spot, a fetish if you will for BDSM stories would be true. There is something about the power struggle that goes on; the purity of the submission that matches the dominance that when done right, written right, flows like poetry to me. This, this was the purest form of poetry akin to the masters, pun not intended. The other fetish I seem to have is a Dom/Master’s endearment for their sub/slave and each time Marcus calls Thomas “pet” I melted into a puddle right where I was.“Sshh…Obey your Master. Be still and let me touch you. I just want to take care of you, pet. Just want you to let me take care of you.” “But…who takes care of you? “You take care of me, pet. Just by breathing and existing. You take care of me in ways you can’t imagine.”This is not just a story about BDSM though; while it plays a part in the relationship of Marcus and Ben what we really get is a soul searching, soul searing story of two men who desperately want to be together and just need to figure out how to be vulnerable in every aspect of their lives to get what they want. While Thomas’ story is laid out before us in its simplicity, Marcus hides his behind the tallest and thickest strong hold I have ever seen. But the slight man who has gotten under his skin like no one before has the power to draw it out of him; the power to bring his master to his knees and allow him to let it all go. No…I am not crying again or going back to read scenes from this book that kill me. Who am I kidding of course I am. A true submissive wasn’t forced to submit. He was simply shown the right room in his soul. Sometimes when he stepped into it, he wrapped his way around his Master’s heart and tugged him in right after him. Rough Canvas was a brilliant story. The ups and downs these men go through are engraved in the fibers of my being. How can they not be? They were beautiful, heartbreaking, sexy as hell and so loyal and loving that I highlighted 83 different passages from this story breaking my record. I am sure the one highlight, when Marcus explains to Thomas’ mother how he feels about him, the time he just stood in a door way and watched him sleep could count as another 10 or so but that one alone was too precious to break up. The art…I have to mention how detailed the art was as well. It was if I could see each of Thomas’ paintings. See him through Marcus’ eyes as he watched his lover sketch among the grassy hillside or in his studio as he mumbled to himself unaware of doing so. Though this was book six in the Nature of Desire series and can be read as a stand alone I am now intrigued to read the other stories of those we met in Rough Canvas. Again, I admire the talent of an author to not only pull me by the heart strings and soul through one book but make me want to read more about those I met briefly. If you adore a true love story as much as my hopeless romantic heart does I suggest you read this. I do not think I have read a more beautiful story than this of Marcus and his pet, Thomas. Last note: This book mentions a few songs and though I am NOT a John Mayer fan I listened to this when Marcus mentioned it playing and now I am obsessed with it. Not only did it fit the moment but it could be Marcus’ theme song if he let it be.Gravity is working against meAnd gravity wants to bring me downOh I’ll never know what makes this manWith all the love that his heart can standDream of ways to throw it all awayOh twice as much ain’t twice as goodAnd can’t sustain like one half couldIt’s wanting moreThat’s gonna send me to my kneesOh gravity, stay the hell away from meAnd gravity has taken better men than me (now how can that be?)Just keep me where the light isC’mon keep me where the light isC’mon keep me where keep me where the light is~John Mayer, Gravity
The Flesh Cartel #2: Auction - Rachel Haimowitz, Heidi Belleau How many times could you rape a boy, beat and humiliate and taunt him, before you just...broke him?I wonder what it means if I say I like this serial; this fucked up yet compelling story. It is tough, it is brutal and at times nauseating but there is something about it that draws me, to use a cliché, like a moth to a flame. Episode 2 starts exactly where Episode 1 left off. We still have no idea what is in store for these brothers; will he ever get to see each other again? Why they were taken and what is going to be done to them? With cruel and yet beautiful writing we are right there as Mat and Dougie are tortured, raped and dehumanized. From padded cells with visits from guards, doctors “appointments” with unspoken rules that broken earn punishments and the prep for the auction that neither brother is aware of…we see the boundaries of human rights crossed as they no longer exist in this world Mat and Dougie has been tossed into. And now, the last piece to ensure his compliance, the one thing they’d had on him since the beginning. His love for his brother. His fear of facing the world without Mat. His far of what might happen to Mat if he were gone. What won’t Mat and Dougie do to stay together? That is the question and the gut wrenching reality that we only begin to see here. I have no idea how far they will go or once again if I can handle it but I can’t stop here. I can’t leave them like that. I have to find out more of Nikolai and who he is beyond what we have learned thus far. I need to know. This need, this insane need to know where this story will go next has turned me inside out. Again, this story has pushed by boundaries. It is not a story for everyone. This it not a romance, I suggest anyone who even thinks about reading The Flesh Cartel read the warnings and be self aware. I thought [b:Power Play: Resistance|13484184|Power Play Resistance (Power Play, #1)|Rachel Haimowitz||19019159] was hard core. This blows it out of the hemisphere.
Heart Trouble - Jenny Lyn Rating Clarification: 4.5 stars!What a find this was! I read a short by Jenny Lyn in Felt Tips and knew she could bring the sexy in only a few pages but Heart Trouble? It hit the right spot for me at the right time and I could not be happier!I lost a bet, plain and simple, and I never renege on a bet. I love how this book starts; Erin and her girl Tess at the newest nightclub, Blue , all dressed up with a clear goal for the night…get Erin to loosen up and to flirt with one man until he buys her a drink. Sounds simple right? Thank goodness she spots a good looking man over at the bar that will suffice to win the bet. The thing is this guy turns out to be more than Erin bargained for and with a few choice words exchanged the two are at a higher level than basic attraction. How do I know what they are both feeling? We get dual POV’s! Oh yeah baby. Being inside Sean’s head is veray nice. Veray nice indeed. The first word that popped into his head when he looked at her was bombshell. The second was sex. He’d bet a month’s salary those breasts were real. Upon closer inspection, so was the hair color. Not that he had anything against fake tits and dye jobs; he just preferred the real thing if given a choice. Fuck, he was here to work, not get distracted by his neglected dick. The banter between these two from the start is great. Both of them are smart; Erin is an ER doctor and Sean is a detective, and their worlds soon collide when trouble quite literally hits the dance floor. Now, I am a sucker for endearments or nicknames and while I had fallen for Sean as quick as Erin did with that beer hanging off his fingers, but the moment he said “Talk to me, Doc” I was lost. The chaos turns into a sublime opportunity for Sean to become the alpha cop and stay the night with Erin for protection. So…what does a stressed out ER Doctor do with a hot, smart, funny detective under her roof? Oh yeah.Give in to her sudden feverishness of her libido. Get herself into trouble no doubt. Our couple is relatable as are their friends. Yes, there is the insta love but when this is done well, I go with it and I have to say I had a bad case of insta love for Erin and Sean. Heart Trouble is not a book where you had to check your morals or your reality with the turn of the first page. You only have to sit back and enjoy the ride and what a ride it was! Just a chat about what to wear and who will be told what while standing in the closet still has me smiling. I emailed a friend to tell her that I was smiling like a goon over the book at that part, it was simple but it stuck with me. Good books will do that to ya. Speaking of friends…I really hope Tess and Luke get that introduction and possibly their own book. I would love to see those two go head to head and head over heels for each other. Now, I know I have said this was a sexy and it was but Heart Trouble has a story line to go with the sexy and that to me makes a fantastic read. The intrigue and mystery of who IS the serial killer, the constant worry of the next victim and how these two newly acquainted/infatuated people will remain together had me sneak reading at work and finishing the book in one sitting. Granted, it’s not a long read but what the author gives us in a character development, story line and some great moments that had me swooning, laughing and a few times fanning myself, more than makes up for the number of pages. I finished this book three days ago and it’s still on my mind. I loved how Erin and Sean met. I love how they accepted their attraction and went with it even though both of them questioned it. I loved their friends and family and they way they leaned on them and the support they got from them. I loved the angst, it was done well with a great explanation for it and the people watching in the ER? I could see played out in my head like a movie. I loved every part of this book. There was not one word on the page, one scene etc. that I did not like and for me that is rare. Heart Trouble is a great fun and sexy read; a wonderful story about taking a chance even when there is no logical or medical explanation for falling in love. I certainly fell in love with this story and I can't wait to read more from Jenny Lyn in the future.*ARC received via Loose ID for an honest review*