City Knight

City Knight: Working It - T.A. Webb Can a simple midnight breakfast after a rescue change two men, can a chance meeting mend two broken souls? There are times when you pick up a book and expect to get one thing and you get another. Usually you expect a great read to be left wanting. This is not the case here at all. I had City Knight on my Nook for a bit, always intending to read it, I do love a good Rent Boy story, but last night I finally did. What I expected was a good read before bed, what I got? What I got was me in tears at 2% into the book and literally hugging myself to get through the few paragraphs of back stories for these men. 2% in…there is only one other author out there who has set me on my ass as firmly. Mr. Webb, you are in mighty fine company on my shelf.City Knight is a short read, only 50 pages in length but what the author delivers is nothing short of brilliance. You are instantly drawn into the characters of Ben and Marcus. You get to know them within a few pages; you want to know more about them, about their past that has left them broken and you want them to heal.Ben is a college student, working nights to pay his way through school. Marcus is an ex-cop, keeping a promise to make his neighborhood safe. On a cold night when things turn bad, the men meet face to face in the darkness and in each other look to find a light.I won’t go into much detail about the story, it’s too short for that and, well, I don’t do the whole spoiler deal but…Let me gush a minute about the writing of this story, it’s simply fantastic. There is no telling the reader what they are going to feel, you are sucked in from the first word and you are there. You feel it; the cold, want, hurt, loss and longing. The words flow freely off the page and into your soul. There aren’t many books that I can say that about. Sure, there are book that make you feel but to get so much emotion in very little pages…that folks is talent. I am in awe, my jaw is on the floor after reading this for a few reasons but the beauty of words strung together to make my heart race, yeah…this is a work of art.He snapped out of his reverie when a cold hand grasped his, fingers curling around his palm. Marcus looked up, surprised, into a knowing gaze. The kid’s eyes were gentle, all that hot anger and spice gone and replaced with kindness and…understanding. He let the moment stretch on, only because there was no trace of pity or sympathy and Benjamin – he couldn’t call anyone who gave him this without asking questions kid now – squeezed once more before leaning back. Marcus and Ben, their stories are heart wrenching, their meeting is special and their story is just beginning. I have to say, this is a MUST READ BOOK. Regardless of gender of the main characters, this writing is something that should not be missed.