Wrong Bed, Right Guy (Come Undone, #1)

Wrong Bed, Right Guy (Come Undone, #1) - Katee Robert "Tonight she was seducing her Mr. Right"What a great first line to this book. I was right there with Elle from that line sneaking into the room and trying to find the courage to seduce her boss. There is no holding back in this book, you get right down to some sexy scenes before chapter one is over! Elle has climbed into bed with a total stranger..."Which meant Elle was buck-naked and wantonly riding the wrong guy."Awkward right? That only lasts a minute and then you meet Gabe! Hello sexy man! I adore books that have both POV's; I don't want to guess what is going on in his/her head and I want to know. Being inside Gabe's head is one hell of sexy read. Elle and Gabe are unsure how to deal with this situation; almost having mind blowing sex with total strangers but it's a good thing they have a few things in common, like Gabe's brother Nathan. The one Elle was trying to seduce! Gabe is the biggest sweetheart with his gruff exterior. The tattoos, the one on his shoulder made me love him more than I already did, and the reasons behind them were great. I love it when an author does things for a reason, not just to have it there because they can. Gabe's tattoos are a part of him, a big part, and it gives us deeper emotions for him. His feelings for Elle had me melting from the beginning. "But none of those women had made him think about waking up next to them on a regular basis. He'd obviously lost his mind."Elle was easily to relate to. Her conversation with Rox in the bar when she puts her foot in her mouth was perfect. The opposites attract story line was done well and oh so sexy. Have a mentioned this book was sexy? Gabe has some great lines, I love it when the sexy scenes are in his POV because you get lines like this: "I could spend days with my mouth between your legs, and never be satisfied."Gabe, oh Gabe!Wrong Bed, Right guy is a fun sexy read. It fit my mood perfectly and did not disappoint. I hear there is a book in store for Nathan and I can't wait to find out his secrets!