Need - Sherri Hayes I received this book to review from Netgalley and Smith Publicity --The Writer's Coffee Shop. Thank you for the opportunity. "I could be Anna again."Need begins where Slave left off. Confused Brianna is told by Stephan that yes, he bought her but she is not his slave. That if she wants to leave she can...We get deeper into the story between Stephan and Brianna and their relationship begins to grow and flourish under their new roles. Brianna is still unsure who she is but is changing day by day. Stephen is beyond saintly with his patience with her and her issues but he is a man in love and as a hopeless romantic I would expect nothing less. I liked the introduction of Cal Ross into the story. He gives a few more layers to Brianna and who she was before; Anna. Seeing him at the banquet was a shock and I worried that it would be counter productive for Anna but Stephen of course was able to handle it. Having Brianna able to talk to both Lily and Logan was wonderful. Knowing that Logan was not a part of the lifestyle but changed for Lily was comforting to me as the reader knowing it should and would help Brianna knowing why he did it. Stephen and his punishment this book had me a bit miffed but knowing what else he could have done I settled down and accepted that he knows better than I what will work with Brianna. I will say the way he shows her things that Ian did that were cruel can be pleasurable if done the right way was beautiful. The cane, the leash and most of sex was handled so well. The lifestyle he lives as a dominant is not one of harm, pain yes but for pleasure. The book ends on a HUGE cliffhanger and I cannot believe the next book isn't out until next year! Yikes! I will be waiting anxiously for the story to continue and get some answers about Ian!