Falling Into You

Falling Into You - Jasinda Wilder (I wish we could give partial stars...this would be about 2.75.)So, I have this deal: I rarely read books that are all over Goodreads and blogs at the same time. The hype makes me claustrophobic and oddly fearsome. I think seeing so many 5star reviews flying around makes me think: a) the book will be THAT good or b) it will fall flat. I decided to take a chance with this one so I could tell a girlfriend if it was safe for her to read. My conclusion; Falling Into You lands somewhere in the middle of A & B. The story starts out fast. Not just fast as in a fast read but rushed. As if it was written under fire. I couldn’t breathe reading part one; not that the emotions were overwhelming but that there was no time to take a breath. The feeling of needing to get so much down quickly was like running a race the morning after a night of free shots following a male review. Your head hurts, you can’t get air in your lungs, and you are a bit disorientated and lost trying to figure out where you are and how you got there. You are told from the summary that Kyle dies. I was prepared for his death but I wasn’t prepared for how fast it happened. Again, it was rushed. Where there could have been time for growth or to feel you are told in choppy bits how to feel with what happens. I admit to being a big fat sappy old lady when it comes to books. I was ready for the tears, but they never came. I thought, okay. Part Two will bring the tears so I grabbed my travel package of tissue and settled in. Part Two starts off nicely with a new Point of View. I thought, “Hello big brother Colton, nice to see you again. It’s lovely to get inside your head.” That thought quickly faded as again, the story was rushed. I started to keep a tally of cliché’s in my head as I read through this. Does cliché #14 happen? Yup, check! And cliché #8 with the option of including #56…sure does! Check that one off too. It is not that the story wasn’t good. Hell, I finished it at midnight so it had me intrigued enough to keep reading but there were so many things happening that I kept shaking my head trying to figure out where things were going etc. I liked Kyle. I liked Nell, I loved Colton. I have a thing for Alpha Males. What can I say? The scene with the acceptance letter? Now that moved me. I won’t spoil it but it just broke my heart. Colton has depth to him and we see a bit of that but I wanted more. Colton and Nell both have traumatic events that they need to get over, to heal from and move on. Together they can work through this. I would have liked to see more of the character growth from both of them. Not just telling me that two months later they are in this place now, I wanted to see it. I wanted to see more of the struggle to get passed the pain. And now a pause for station identification: The sex. Yup. I am going there. If I had to rate this book solely on the sex between Colton and Nell…let’s just say I would let my freak flag fly for it! That is all. Now back to your regularly scheduled review…I will say that I do love music in books. The music however in this was too reminiscent of a few other books that I adore and guard passionately. Along with the guilt of death… again in another book. I know books will be similar but the similarities were too much that I could not separate them to enjoy their place within this book. Falling Into You was a nice read. It could use a good edit but it wasn't so bad that I couldn't read it. As I said before, I would have liked to see more from the characters. I don’t understand how Colton was never talked about before we “meet” him. How he lived his life in New York at 17yrs old yet his father is a high profile political figure but it was never talked about. We live in the age of TMZ; things like this would have been talked about. Would have been mentioned…right?