Wethering The Storm (The Storm, #2)

Wethering The Storm (The Storm, #2) - Samantha Towle Ahh Jake, Jake, Jake we meet again. I was waiting for you, boy, to make your appearance when I heard there was another book coming out. Lucky for me I got my hands on you before the masses...Long Live The Mighty Storm! The story picks up right where we left off, Jake purposing to Tru and the tour ending. We see our couple together having some quiet and private time and a lot of intimate time. I don’t remember if they had sex this much in The Mighty Storm but our power couple sure are making up for any lost time in this department. What could be wrong with more and more of sexy Jake time though right…maybe? I have to be honest and say that the excitement I had for The Mighty Storm did not carry over to this book. It just didn’t have the same appeal. Maybe it was the time in between, maybe it was what I have read during that time, I am still not sure. Jake was still Jake but what I had felt was so romantic, sexy and hot in book 1 came off..well just off in this one. Sure there still are the same Jake moments that I adore but where I liked Tru in TMS I wanted to toss her out the nearest window here. I just could NOT get her here, not at all. There IS the same sexiness that comes from Jake being Jake and the small bits of his POV are SO JAKE! They were fun and I was glad we got those in the story. The angst, I won't go into spoiler territory but let's just say I wasn’t on board with that at all. I did not need the angst, even though I am a self proclaimed angst whore. I had thought that they could come to a compromise long before it happened. While I know that others will adore this and I hope they do, it just wasn’t it for me. I was happy see more of the members of The Mighty Storm (which I thought was perfect as a stand alone) but I ended up skimming a lot of this book and had to keep putting it down and force myself to pick it back up again. That alone made me sad. I adored The Mighty Storm, ADORED it and wrote my review it homage to Jake and his snake but…but…sigh. I just don’t know. *Review Copy provided for an honest review*