Blind Obsession

Blind Obsession - Ella Frank Where oh where do I begin with this book? I know I have said it before “how do I review this,” blah blah blah. I can be a repetitive redhead at times but honestly, how the hell do I review this? I have not read a book like this before - the secrets, the intrigue and the passion that draws you in; it needs to be felt first hand. Here, there will not be spoilers. Trust me when I tell you that waiting is often the best part of the story.We begin the story with Gemma Harris arriving at Château Tibideau, I was invited here. He reached out to me. Gemma is a journalist who is there to get the story, the true story of events that led up to the famed and sought after artist, Phillipe Tibideau, going from golden boy full of promising talent to being hailed a monster. What happened? That, my dears is the question and this book sucked me in before the second chapter just waiting to find out. I focus on the words in front of me and continue reading the book that now has turned me into a voyeur through no fault of its own.Am I ready to read this?Do I want to read this?Am I ready for how this will ultimately make me feel?I am the friend, THAT friend, when a book/subject seems too dark, too intense, too 'different,’ I am the one books get thrust upon with a plea of “read this, you are the only one who will get it.” Yes, I have become the Mikey of dark erotica or taboo. Pass me another would ya? With this book, I am glad my dear friend, Peaches (as I affectionately call her) asked me to read it. To share with her this deeply felt story that I cannot quite wrap my head around and am thankful for that. Only the good books seep deep into your soul that way. Seep in, creep in and take up residence not leaving you alone no matter what you do to move on. Can I move on? Shaking my head, I am amazed by how much one moment can change your life forever.What had me lost the most with this book; the interactive web site. See, Blind Obsession is about art. Whether it’s the art of words on a page, music played or paint to canvas; the art plays an essential role. The art in itself is part of this love story. Having each painting to gaze upon as they are described was brilliant. You can read “he placed her arm on her hip” etc but after you read the direction, seeing it just brings it all together. The music? I am a huge music fan, I love the emotions pieces can bring out in you and hearing these along with reading the story gave me chills. There was one scene, one scene that I must have subconsciously read along with the cadence, the pace of the music because when I read the words "Finally, the music stops. .." the music stopped! That was the moment I crawled inside this book and did not come out until I read that last page. They each give me such similar yet uniquely individual points of view. They merge together to harmonize a symphony so evocative that I feel it altering my very soul with each separate movement being played. When did this story morph? When did it change from a tale of two to a tragedy of three?Through the alternating POV’s the story is told. In the first person with Gemma, our journalist, the third person with Philippe our shadowed and haunted anti hero and the reading of Chantel Rosenberg's, (our resident ghost and talent violinist/muse), journal lends a deep seated intimacy to this story. Were it told simply from one POV, I don’t think it would have worked. You needed the layers; you needed each side to fully understand, to fully grip the story. The intimacy, wow; I was so drawn to it and at times disturbed by it. There were scenes that I felt I should NOT be seeing, they were just too private to witness yet I could not turn away if I tried. What is it about them that I find so intriguing? Is the fact that I am reading something so very private? An alluring mixture of dark eroticism that is now enhanced by its devastatingly haunting sadness. The confusion I’m experiencing all mixes together to equal the total mindfuck I’m having.I am not going into the details of the story. It would be a disservice and quite frankly, I am not a fan of spoilers or the reworking of a summary. I write how I feel about the story I just read and this story I have compared to three books; Interview with a Vampire, The Shining and Phantom of the Opera. How in the hell did I come up with those? My mind is a frightening place to visit but trust me, those three books are in my top favorites of all time and it’s a compliment. To take three books that have nothing to do with each other but have them come up in a book of darkly intense erotica? That is pure talent on the part of the author. Bravo Ms. Frank. Bravo. What is it about Chateau Tibideau? It’s like I arrived one way, and I know deep down in my soul that I will leave another.I know that I will not be the same after reading this. I am writing this listening to the classical station on Pandora as I cannot be in the world, that world of this story of lost souls, lost love and deception without it. I know that assuming was the biggest deception of all.I thought I knew what I was getting into when I started this, having seen a few reviews compare it to other books I was prepared but my preparation was wrong. This is nothing like I thought it would be. Is it dark? Yes, but in a beautifully sensual way. Is it a love story? Of course, but not in the traditional sense one would expect and thank the universe for that. This is a story that begs to be read. It begged me not to read it at work where I normally sneak read. The fluorescent lights were too harsh to read by, this is a book that needs the dark, the quiet, the solitude of a cold room, a warm blanket as you snuggle up in a soft chair to become one with the words, the music, the art and these beautifully flawed characters that once they have a hold on you, refuse to let you go. In that case, while you’re here, you are mine.Blind Obsession is uniquely woven story of the tragedy of not being able to move on no matter what is right in front of you and not wanting to let go. It is an intense tale of the responsibilities we lay upon ourselves that can make us happy one moment and turn on us as quick as a storm rolling in to remind us we are not, that life is not, as we see it. Should I be scared of the way I’m feeling?Probably?Am I?No.