Slammed (San Amaro Singles)

Slammed - Kelly Jamieson Rating Clarification: 4.5 starsI may have mentioned that I am I lust with a little beach town named San Amaro. It has everything; sand, surf, shops…sex. Sex? Say what? Why would I mention that in the town’s brochure? Just read this series and you will get an idea.Slammed. First let me say how much I adore the title off this book, it just fits the story. The story? Well, this is one I was beyond excited to get. You see, I met our resident surfer, Dylan Schell, in With Strings Attached and I fell for him hard. Not only is he sexy but his past made me melt and just want to hug him, with all four limbs tightly around his body. I know. I know. Keep it in your pants right? Just wait until you meet him in this book. Great Googly Moogly, just wait.So, Dylan left San Amaro, alone and is back in the water showing the world he is a champ. He is also showing that he is a party boy who likes to proposition flight attendants to join certain clubs and enjoy a public orgy or…you get the idea. Enter Brooke Lowry, a member with the PR department for the company who sponsors Dylan, Jackson Cole. Brooke is sent half way around the world to the tropical paradise of Tahiti to get to Dylan to reign it in or lose his sponsorship. Ah, Tahiti; such a beautiful place that is prone to terrible storms. What to do when you are forced to stay inside a hotel room with a sexy surfer who you kinda know and more than kinda have the hots for and who happens to feel mutually about you and the situation? Oh Brooke; que the Marvin Gaye please.All day, Brooke. I want to do this all day. You and me in this bed. Works…for…me. These two were on fire. I loved their passion and their playfulness. The way Brooke gets Dylan to return to San Amaro and the counter offer he throws back, you know there are more great times ahead for our couple. But once they are out of the magical spell of the tropics what happens back home. I mean, Brooke is “in charge” of Dylan and it’s her job to make sure he stays on the straight and narrow but, this is Dylan!Sleeping with him had been incredible, and even though she wondered how this going to impact their working relationship once back in California, she’d done it anyway because…because…well she couldn’t exactly explain it other than-As they are once again in the real world of work and responsibility, things get a bit messy, a bit clouded and the lines begin to blur. I loved watching Brooke and Dylan dance around each other, dance around the tension and the magnetic pull between them that is undeniable. Brooke’s family is fantastic and her dad is hilarious with one line that had me shaking my head and laughing.Now back in San Amaro, Matt and Corey are getting married. This is not an easy peasy visit for Dylan; he is still dealing with the way he left and what happened before it. How could he be around his friends after their time together? Would things be the same, different, more? Sigh. Now me, I was a giddy fan girl seeing them again. I loved their story in With Strings Attached and was so happy to get bits of them as well as seeing Jules, Mike and Carlos from How to Love. It was one big San Amaro Singles reunion and it was like seeing old friends again.As Dylan adjusts to his new role with Jackson Cole and attempts to let go of the party boy atmosphere we see another side to our sexy surfer. I was blown away by his talk about surfing and the relation of it to physics. He may talk in traditional mondo surfer talk but make no mistake that Dylan Schell is lackadaisical , far from it. I loved how he molded into this new version of himself, not only to save his career but the actual interest and love for his sport. Sigh. Have I mentioned yet that I adore Dylan?Brooke, let me tell you I loved being in this girl's head and learning the cute and funny words she uses. She was a blast to read, there was not one thing I disliked about her. She was someone I could relate to from the first moment I met her. She was, for lack of a better description, a normal girl. Her family support is beautiful, her compassion for others is remarkable and her ability to love enormous. She is the perfect match in every way for Dylan and their chemistry is off the charts smokin'!Slammed is a great conclusion to the San Amaro Singles series. It is quite frankly my favorite and that is a hard choice to make. The friendship, the relationship and just the love story of Dylan and Brooke was fantastic. It was sexy, (*ahem*…mirror on the dresser scene was one of my favorites alone with a certain nibble of someone’s anatomy), it was fun and it was oh so romantic. A total package and to quote Brooke it was…Erotic. Exotic. Hypnotic. A side note if you will. Substance with sex. I have said this many times when it comes to books. I need a substance with my sex and with this series it is what you get. Now, I am a red blooded female and I love reading a good sex scene but with that you have to have a story or you lose me. There was never a point of getting lost here. There is no gratuitous sex that is thrown in there just to have a sex scene. Sex is important for relationships, for romantic relationships, it’s intimate, it is how we connect on the most basic level and sometimes it’s how relationships begin. With Dylan and Brooke it was just as natural as the ocean creating a current or a wave.***Review Copy provided by the author for an honest review.***