Cut & Run

Cut & Run - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban This book should come with a disclaimer. WARNING: Meeting Ty and Zane will evoke the following emotions; laughter, heartbreak, lust, longing and ultimate addiction. Side effects may include: Sleepless nights, libido overdrive and increased laugh lines. Possibilities that may occur: vivid memories of hilarious banter, steamy scenes (in and out of the shower) and completely awesome/awkward morning after chats. Where do I start with this? I will admit, I am a big fat snob when it comes to how a story is told. I am not a fan of the “head hopping” story telling yet with this, it’s a must. I had a hard time in the beginning ping ponging back and forth but once I settled in and realized it would not work any other way I just read and read and read. Sigh. How did I not know how awesome this book was before now? Are we doing the right thing? I don’t know. But it sure as hell feels right. Meet Ty Grady; rough, bad assed ex Recon Marine. A Special Agent with the FBI who has the reputation of being a lose cannon. Enter Zane Garret, smooth, suave and seemingly mild mannered Special Agent who has recently been “promoted” from the Cyber Division unaware of what his next assignment will be until…both men are told to meet with their director. Why? They are being assigned to the Tri-State murder case, a serial murder that has cost too many lives. Will they be able to work together to solve this case? Will they be able to work together at all? These men could not be more opposite and that is what makes the dynamic ultimately fascinating. From the first meeting the banter between Ty and Zane had me grinning like a fool; a fool that was turning page after page until midnight when I had an early morning and a long day ahead of me! I had a goal in mind before I stopped reading. I needed to hit that moment that would floor me; that would have me flushed and fanning myself to attempt to remain some semblance of self composure but…Tease.Do I have your attention now?You never lost it. Cut & Run is one hell of a ride. The sexy relationship between Ty and Zane is off the charts! I do not think I have smiled as much throughout a book as I did with this. I could not get enough of them. Their special skills they lend to each other both in and out of bed are amazing. The rough banter between them is so damn male and I fell hard for it. They are real; real men who fight this mutual attraction, this need to be together quite literally. He had given up every ounce of control to a man he barely liked and had enjoyed it immensely. Immensely? Yeah I enjoyed it too! Oh, did I mention in between all this hot, steamy banter, kissing, foreplay, morning after chats, the longing, lust, heartache and the fan-fucking-tastic scenes between the boys there is a serial case to be solved? Ha! There totally is… I loved the way Ty and Zane, so different in their methods, worked to find that common thread between the murders. My heart was racing through many crime scenes, not just the visualization of them but the emotions running through the boys. Emotions! That is what it is about folks and this book has plenty of them. All the feels you want wrapped up nicely in one knock your panties off book that you will not want to Cut & Run from. I can’t concentrate on anything, not when all I can think about is you. I can honestly say I am a total fangirl at the moment. I cannot think of anything else I need or want to be doing but getting back to reading more of Ty and Zane. Good thing for me there are more books in the series. Humina Humina! I would have done anything. ANYTHING to get back to you. I can’t say I am sorry for that.