The Marriage Trap (Marriage to a Billionaire, #2)

The Marriage Trap (Marriage to a Billionaire, #2) - Jennifer Probst "Of course love spells didn't work. She may as well look up hero in the dictionary and wish for Superman to appear outside her condo window."Ah Maggie, how happy I was to see you and the good Count again. I was so excited to start this book. The Marriage Bargain is one book that always stays hidden in my heart to pull out when I need comfort and what better comfort comes from that book than hiding dogs and the sexy scene that follows.I have waited to see what happened on the blind date between Michael and Maggie and we finally get that but what we get in addition is well...perfection.Maggie Ryan and Michael Conte have a strained relationship to put it lightly. They both feel the pull of the other but just don't know how to approach it without it going up in flames. The fire that is between them is all-consuming and HOT! Michael has a family emergency he needs to handle but to handle it properly he needs to bring a wife back to his home town in Italy. A woman to play the role of his wife and would want nothing in return? Maggie could be the perfect woman for the part. "She was exactly what she wanted without apology. He'd never be a prince and didn't want the job. Especially against a woman who'd probably steal his horse and rescue herself. Still, for a while, he needed her."Michael puts the proposition on the table and Maggie agrees to accompany him as his “fake wife” but under her conditions. After all, she is going to Italy to work anyway so what could it hurt? Michael gets what he wants and so does Maggie. Deal made, let’s be on our way to Italy. "The whole crazy plan hit her full force as soon as his private plane shot into the air. What the hell had she agreed to? And what was it about the Ryan family that necessitated fake marriages?"The beauty of Italy that is created with Ms. Probst words left me breathless. The colors, the rich landscape, the Terra-cotta roof tops and the smells coming out of Mama Conte’s kitchen had me lost and drooling. I was IN Italy with Maggie and Michael on their whirlwind week of pretended marriage bliss. I have to say that I simply love Michael’s family; his mother and his sisters are a delightful layer to their story and Carina…oh Carina I feel your crush on Max full force. Michael's devotion to his family is what drives him to be the successful man that he is but also is a weakness that leaves him less than whole. Duty and family honor can be a fickle fate. It leads you down roads you may not want to travel but those roads can lead you to your greatest desire. He would not be in his current position without his family and not just the fake marriage but the family business and the promise on a death bed. Oh, a man of honor is quite the sexy beast. The Marriage Trap is packed full of frustration, imagination, seduction, and heart break. Moments that had me clapping like a school girl, gasping at the intensity and falling in love with these characters, all of them over and over again. Maggie with her wants "She wondered why no one loved her. Wondered if anyone could ever love her. " and Michael with is desire to claim Maggie as his own no matter what he must endure "She was heaven and hell in one; and he’d greet the devil with a smile on his face. "This book is amazing! I can honestly say that Ms. Probst, borrowing the words from your beloved Count, Michael Conte, after reading this, "You wrecked me. Completely." and I will be wrecked willingly all over again without hesitation.