How to Love (San Amaro Singles)

How to Love - Kelly Jamieson Let me say, I am packing my bags and moving to Sam Amaro now! First Matt/Corey/Dylan in [b:With Strings Attached|16111014|With Strings Attached (San Amaro Singles, #1)|Kelly Jamieson||21926181] and now we meet the new neighbors down the way…Jules/Mike/Carlos. What do they put in the water down there? I need to find out and have that stuff bottled or pumped into MY house. In [b:With Strings Attached|16111014|With Strings Attached (San Amaro Singles, #1)|Kelly Jamieson||21926181], book one in the San Amaro singles series, we meet Jules Stockwood briefly. We know she is best friends with Matt’s little sister Neve and that she has a reputation to rival Rizzo from Grease. How to Love is told in the perspective of our threesome; Jules is a free spirited, free loving independent photographer with her own studio in San Amaro. She primarily focuses her craft on natural landscapes but lately, her latest focus is on nudes. When she meets her new neighbor Mike Lacasse, she is instantly attracted and so is he. Jules wants to photograph him of course, who wouldn’t and possibly explore a bit more but the thing that Jules doesn’t know about Mike; he is in a relationship with Carlos, his “roommate” and best friend. The pull between Jules and Mike is undeniably strong so it’s a good thing Carlos is okay with Mike being with someone else or better yet sharing her with him. While we know that Jules is open minded we also learn the yin to her yang is that she is also closed off. Sex is fine but relationships are a drag. She doesn’t do them, doesn’t have time for them but her reasons for avoiding relationships run strong and deep within her and she doesn’t like sharing them. She would rather skirt the issue at hand, the real feelings, with sex than deal with it.I had no respect for boys who I could get to do whatever I wanted. Guys in high school were easy to manipulate. It was easy to manipulate them because of how I looked. I knew what they wanted. I knew hot to get what I wanted. Carlos and Mike are in a committed relationship but they have always been looking for “the one” to fully complete them. Maybe Jules is it? If she could just get out of her head and into their…well you know where this is leading.He and Carlos had to have the most bizarre relationship. How many other people in the world would understand this? Half the time he didn’t himself. But it worked for them. The dynamic between this triad is not felt right away. We get the connection, the attraction and the friendship that turns into a relationship (regardless of the want of certain participants) with Mike and Jules as we tries to woo her slowly before he tells her the truth about his “friendship” with Carlos but as Mike starts to fall for Jules the lines get blurred. Mike is falling hard, Jules is confused and Carlos finally gets to dance the dance and wants this to move on. Can they move on? Will Jules open up and let this happen or will she run at the first mention of commitment? She can barely handle one man but two? You have to put the training wheels on before you can ride, test runs are a must…can I toss any other cliché’s out there? No, just know this…Tonight it wasn’t just her and Mike, it was her and Mike and Carlos. “Oh,” she sighed. “I want to see you two together.” “You will.” Mike promised her with a kiss to her mouth. “Show me.” “Show you what?” “Show me you’re a couple.”So, where were we? Ah…Jules is all for a threesome but once again, she does not do relationships. Through pointed edges and repressed feelings this threesome comes together and comes together and well, just comes, but when emotions bubble up to the surface and spill out, the three sides fall apart and no one is safe. How can a delicate relationship flourish if they don’t give it a chance?Her easy acceptance of their relationship had charmed t hem, but even more than that, her excitement and pleasure at being with them had blown them away. She was amazing. They had never met a woman like her and he was almost afraid to let himself hope. The guy who wasn’t afraid of anything was afraid to hope. How to Love was a great read. Of course I have a thing for m/m action but tossing a girl in the middle can only be a plus and this author knows how to write a good sexual sammich. Goodness, does she ever. But the sex, while it was hot, sensual and full of steam it was not the focal point of the book. Deep down, under all the bodies How to Love was simply, a lesson to be learned. A lesson of love; how to love and how to let yourself be loved. With Jules, Carlos and Mike and the journey together as a threesome, as two couples and as individuals they learn to accept one another for who they truly are as well as accept themselves with faults and all and learn to love.Love is scary. But it’s love that makes us strong.