Wrapped Around Your Finger

Wrapped Around Your Finger - Fallon Blake I decided to read this based upon the review of a friend. It was a really nice change from the previous BDSM books I had read. I think what I liked most is how normal it all seemed. Banner was a Dom but like he said not an asshole, he wanted someone to share his life with in every way and his "kink" was just one of them. Indie had real fears about herself and had always been curious about the Dom/Sub world but never found the right one to trust enough to make her feel safe until she was laid out and plated with poisonous blow fish by Banner. I feel that this was a sweet book actually, odd to say about a BDSM but it was the first one for me that I didn't feel a shred of Catholic guilt for reading. The relationship between Banner and Indigo was one of mutual respect, pleasure and companionship. I never felt once that Banner was Mr. Alpha Male "I want to control everything little aspect of your life because I am a Dom and you will do as I bid because you are my Sub" instead I got that he wanted to share his world with a woman, not control her. From the beginning when he said she was free to speak I realized just how different this book would be. Did he introduce her to a new lifestyle? Yes. Did he push her limits and what she thought she could handle? Definitely? Did he ever treat her in a way that could/would borderline on abusive? NEVER! I also loved that Indigo was a plus size model (not the perfect slim and slender that we traditionally read) with her rockabilly/pin up style. I thought it added to the story as well the conversation about their background stories; it made them in to people and not some stereotypical characters.