Scandalous - H.M. Ward I am writing this on 3hrs of sleep because I stayed up to finish this delightful book. It is a quick read that intrigues you from the cover to the last page. I loved the art that was portrayed, and in my opinion the cover is a wonderful rendition of "The Scandal". Abby and Jack are wonderfully flawed characters who would sacrifice anything and everything for the one they love. I am amazed at the depth and growth of the leads in such a short time but it was not unbelievable. Having a history it makes sense that things would progress much faster had they been strangers. I can say that even though it will be a tough day at work with little sleep I still have a smile on my face, a flutter in my stomach and have to take deep breaths remembering certain scenes like the patron walk in the gallery. Bravo Ella Steele! I base my rating on readability of a book, the unwillingness to put it down and the way the story/characters stay with you.