Reckless (Thoughtless, #3)

Reckless (Thoughtless, #3) - S.C. Stephens Yeah, that would be about 2.25 stars for me. So I just finished this. I will make my review short and sweet as possible. I LOVED Thoughtless and Effortless! I remember not wanting to read them because of the "I hate Kiera Club" but one day, from the urging of a friend I gave in. I read both books in about three days. I was so wrapped up in the story I didn't see all the gripes most folks were complaining about. There were my favorite scenes; scenes I can still see vividly now. My point for saying all of that? Reckless lost everything that Thoughtless and Effortless were. I am not sure why or how? Maybe the new bright and shiny publisher had something to do with it? But the rawness, the passion...THE ANGST was gone from Reckless. Not just gone but missing like a child on the side of a milk carton gone. Sigh. I was waiting for that one thing, that one scene to pull me forward, suck me in and make me devour this like I did the others. It never happened. Honestly, I think the series would have been better left ending with Effortless. Ouch! Wow, I can feel those daggers being thrown my way now. I am trying to be honest about this. I can say that I adored Griffin! That boy stole every damn scene he showed up in and I got my wish for the Hulk. He was simply fantastic. The growth in his character was a joy to watch. I will admit there were a few scenes that I did like; the confession interview was one, but this book was never ending. Too long, too much information and not enough of what made me fall in love with the story of these people. Reckless; I am still confused by the title. Not sure what was actually Reckless about it? It simply fell flat for me. I had high hopes for it. The wait for it was painful and the release was worse than a virginity losing fumble in the basement.