Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures - Kitty Thomas Disclaimer: I am a fan girl when it comes to Kitty Thomas.Guilty Pleasures is aptly named; it was a pure pleasure to read and my guilt comes from not reading it sooner. Vivian is a bored wife, unable to have a satisfying relationship inside or outside of the bedroom with her husband Michael."She wasn’t even sure it was his fault anymore. She wasn’t sure it was anyone’s fault."Vivian is sent on a journey of discovery not one of self discovery from the start because it was not her choice but ultimately the choice is made. From the first meeting with Dr. Smith you realize that Vivian is missing something, a something she isn’t aware of or even knows she wants. It’s a good thing she goes to therapy then right? “Mrs. Delany?” “Yes?” "You’re going to lose all your inhibitions.” When Vivian walks in to Dome she gets introduced to her deepest desires and her deepest fears mixed together in the form of one man, Anton. The world that he shows her is one she doesn’t want but one she cannot stay away from. Guilty Pleasures is not a book I can review without giving away its secrets and they must stay a secret for the reader’s enjoyment. Being inside Vivian's head and you are with her every step of the way; every submission and every fear or want conquered though it may seem unreal. "The more she explored, the more she felt like Alice down the rabbit hole. A stoned caterpillar wouldn’t have shocked her at this point, and she would have gladly requested some of whatever he was smoking."The end of this book was absolutely perfect and one I was hoping for. The epilogue ties up everything nicely and gives you the closure you need. Kitty Thomas has a way with words and I just love how she uses them to end a story. They evoke the emotion from all that you just read and echo in your head after you are through. "The moment the blindfold came off, things got complicated, as he’d known they would. But either way, he would always have that moment. Where it was real. It made the entire fucked-up thing worth doing all over again."