Red - Kate Kinsey This was a hard read for me. I am familiar with the world of BDSM but this was tough. I did feel like I was getting a private tour into the real lifestyle and not that of a vanilla writer playing with a playroom and some toys. "A sociopath may be attracted to BDSM, but real kinksters are all about consent. A serial killer isn't."I thought as a crime novel, a serial killer who done it, the book was decent. In the beginning there were too many Point of Views that had me confused as to who was whom and the synopsis listed Gina as a main character but it took forever to get to her. Once we finally get to her, learn about the past Gina and Hanson shared the story starts to get interesting. The relationship between Hanson and Gina was complicated but nothing short of HOT! What they will do for each other is well...I am speechless. I am not bringing this up to say it is a romance, far from it. It is just another twist to this complicated, intriguing and horrific story plot. The end of the book was much better and I will say it sat me down pretty quick. I will say it is not for everyone and definitely not for the faint of heart or someone with a weak stomach. The crime scenes were pretty gruesome. *I received this as an ARC from eKensington and NetGalley for an honest review.*