Knightmare (City Knight #2) (Pulp Friction)

Knightmare - T.A. Webb I am fortunate that I read this minutes after I finished City Knight. I bought it over lunch and realized that I left my reader at home so I sat at my desk, reading on my phone. I was so lost in this story that I tuned out an entire office of loud college students, jumped when my phone vibrated with a message and was unaware that my Vice President was standing behind me reading over my shoulder. If you haven’t read my review of City Knight and heard me gush about the writing of T.A. Webb, well that right there should prove how his words can draw you into a story.Please, please, don’t let anything bad happen to him, I will do anything. Anything. Knightmare picks up exactly where we left off in City Knight; that awful cliffhanger with Marcus scrambling and Ben, well did I mention an awful cliffhanger? Marcus is doing everything he can to find his Benjamin who has vanished leaving nothing behind but his cell phone.It was only after Benjamin came into his life, and he could breathe again without feeling the dark cloud of grief, that he’d even been really aware of how much time had passed. And how utterly alone he was. He didn’t want to go back to that place. Couldn’t go there again. He really would rather just lay down and die. The lengths that Marcus goes to so that he can find his lover, to keep him safe had my heart pounding. Talk about a wild ride and again in very few pages. This book grabs you by the collar, looks you in the eyes and says “You ready kid? Let’s go,” and just pulls you along. You don’t have a chance to breathe. You need to keep reading, to be with Marcus as he reconnects with old friends who have the connections he needs to find Ben. Old friends that I just realized have their own books (well played authors, I have gone an added them to my ebook collection) and who I cannot wait to read.Through the game of lost and found, it gives Marcus and Ben the opportunity to come to terms with their omissions, with their want of each other and what it means they can have. Marcus and the loss of his beautiful doctor and Ben with his horrible attack; these men can heal, they can love and they deserve to.But a man like Marcus, he deserved someone whole and good. How could he love damaged goods? Ben wasn’t good. But he wanted so much, he wanted to feel. To have his heart unclench and know what love felt like. Wanted to feel warmth in his chest, arms around him at night and kisses at the back of his neck. He wanted to have someone to care if he was running late because he stopped at the library and got lost in a book, Wanted someone to laugh with and cry with and grow old with. As with the first book; I can’t and won’t go into spoilers. These honestly just have to be read. It is a heart stopping, forget to breath read that has it’s very tender moments as well as some sexy scenes. You can’t throw two men together like this and not have it be hot. Come on now…Knightmare is a wonderful sequel to City Knight and even though there is one hell of a cliffhanger that had me tossing my phone across my desk with a gasp and an audible “NO!” that had numerous eyes turn toward me with concern, I cannot wait for the third book to come out so I can get more of Marcus and Ben.I have said it a few times; the writing of this author is spectacular, it is gorgeous and through the wonderful words T.A. Webb has given me, he has created a fan, an admirer and a forever reader of his works.