Starry Knight (City Knight #3) (Pulp Friction)

Starry Knight - T.A. Webb Le Sigh... the third installment of this series is here and there is no way it could disappoint. Having finished Knightmare only weeks ago I have had Marcus and Ben on my mind constantly; worried about what happened with that monster of a cliffhanger. I steeled my spine and dove in knowing I would be in for a ride. What I got in this book was exactly what I needed. After the roller coaster, nail biting “What is going to happen next” feel of first two books, this one set a wonderful tone. It let me catch my breath and breathe a long deep and satisfying breath to see these two broken men, accept one another completely.He gravitated toward him, like the earth around the sun, and the reassurance of touch was a balm to his frazzled soul. He was the earth beneath him, the sky above him, and the starry night that drew him up and made him whole again.Our story begins after that hell of a cliffhanger and dear Marcus has been shot. We do not hear from him right away but we privy to the thoughts of Ben and Marcus’ friends as they appear at his bed side. Benjamin’s watch over his lover was so touching. Just the thought that if he left, if he did not hear the alarms he would lose Marcus had me tearing up. These two men together are beautiful. I loved that this had them working together toward their future; Marcus having to lean on Ben more but still providing the stability and strength that his boy needs.The friendship between Marcus, Wick, Chase, Zachary and Archer is beautiful. I am pleased we get to see a bit more interaction between these “brothers” as they come together for one of their own. They not only protect Marcus but they have come to welcome Ben as well based on the simple fact that Marcus loves him. Of course they are still protective and will do what any brother will do if one is hurt…but I am sure Ben is not out do harm Marcus.Again, I won’t go into too much detail with is, I honestly believe this series is one you have to experience for itself. I should just highlight the entire story as much as I read a paragraph and would just sigh and melt. The words, the words bring on so many emotions and I am done. Shove me in a corner because there is no way I could possibly be a functioning member of any society after reading this.Starry Knight is a great addition to this growing love story of two men who are both broken but find the strength to move on and love again. To trust in each other no matter what comes their way. To work together to figure out their future and to just stay with one another. Have I said how good this series is? It just kills me.I have mentioned before that I am a huge fan of this author and this story just solidifies the fact. I will be patiently waiting for more stories about Marcus and his Benjamin.Marcus turned, and his whole world narrowed to Benjamin.“If you never met me, and…”“And I’d be dead inside Benjamin. I love you. You’re mine. Please, stay with me.”“Yes, Marcus,” he whispered. “I’m yours. If you ask me, Marcus, the answer will always be yes.”