Hot Head

Hot Head (Head #1) - Damon Suede Rating: 2.75 stars with a slight lean toward three stars in honor of Dante. If you read the book, you get the bad pun. I am going against the norm with this one. I am a bit shocked at myself, but hey. A girl's gotta be honest. I was super excited to start this book. Seeing all my m/m loving friends rating it so high there was no way it could let me down...right? I liked Hot Head when I first picked it up; I got about 14% through it when I lost interest and shelved it for something else. A few weeks later I picked it up again, hell bent on finishing it and wanting to feel the same way the masses seemed to feel. I still felt, meh, about it so I started to skim and I skimmed this A LOT! The whole first half seemed so unnecessary. I get it; they are friends and one has a crush on the other but did I need all that went into it? No. Nope. Not at all. I found myself bored and just wanted to find out what was going on, what was going to happen and what the hell was the point? The whole business was a stretch for me. I know sites like that exist but did I believe that the close friendship Dante and Griffin had needed to go THAT FAR just to see if each other felt the same way? No. These men lived and died with risk taking every day. I know that the heart is more vulnerable than any bone they could break or any amount of skin that could be meted off as they fought fires but they take risks with their lives day in and day out yet need the help of a website to take a risk on each other? I didn’t buy it. I did not like it and I felt so creepy reading those secenes. I feel as if it took away from what could have been a brilliant and epic, yes epic, love story. I love a good sexy scene between boys but I didn’t feel like I got that until the watched Monday Night Football. Speaking of sporting events; that was about the time that I skimmed less and started to actually read the story. Had the slow burn of the relationship been more about the relationship building and not just this odd avoidance of the issue I would have enjoyed it more. It seemed to jump from awkward moments to full on love fest. I am all for insta love but this one made me do a Scooby Doo head tilt with the fast paced change it took. I may have whiplash from it. I am no virgin to m/m romance and I know they are all different but this one just wasn’t for me. There were parts that I did like but they weren’t enough for me to fall in love with the story. Hotheads? Yeah, both these men were and Dante’s Italian mother should have been smacking the back of their heads at least once or five times a chapter (and once again for me) for these two to get their shit together. Once they finally did, I was happy for them but I still didn’t feel the love between them. It never came off the page for me; it always felt off…it was just off. Maybe it’s me; maybe this was that one book that I will never get why I was the odd chick out who didn’t like it as much as the others. Who knows?