Catch My Breath

Catch My Breath - M.J. O'Shea So…one day I was browsing for books. Something I do often and while in the New Release category of a publisher’s site, I came upon a great cover. I am not normally drawn to covers but something about this caught my eye. I looked up the synopsis and cruised over to Goodreads to see if any of my friends had read it. They hadn’t but in a review I saw two words in quotes that I immediately Googled. From there, I was lost.Oh yeah, those two words…Larry Stylinson. Why did those two words cause me to buy the book and get lost? It is the combined name of Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson from the boy band One Direction who have rabid “shippers” who strongly believe they are a couple, or in love, in REAL HONEST TO GOD “THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN EXIST” over the top, head over hills in love. Do I believe this? Well, just a smidge because, just google the name and see some of the near missed kisses, the longing looks between them, the secret arm rubs that no one was supposed to see, leg pinches under the table, secret hand gestures… I digress, the book, I was reviewing the book.Catch My Breath was the perfect read for me when I needed it. I wanted a book to obsess over and I got it. OH BOY did I ever.“So…Danny. Tell me why I should choose you? What makes you different?”We meet Danny Bright on the first page waiting for his chance to audition for his big break. He goes out there and gives it his all intending on being a solo artist but is thrown off when he is told he and three other boys will be put together as a boy band…they are just missing that One Thing, the one thing that will really take them to the top. That one thing comes along in the curly haired form of Elliot Price. Once Elliot is on board, they boys name themselves Static and they are a band. From their first meeting Danny and Elliot are attracted to each other, as friends. Of course Elliott sees Danny as more but never lets on.As the boys get thrown into a house for a reality show, their friendship continues to grow and they boys begin to realize they might be more than just friends. How can they be? How will this affect the band?Danny had one of those moments, one of those few times when you become aware that everything is changing. His life was changing. And these guys, they would become part of it. Tate, Webb, Reece, Elliot. They were his new family. Let me just say that reading this book; I had the biggest grin on my face. I was asked numerous times by friends, family and co-workers as I read it at work what I was reading. I could not stop talking about it and even strong armed my girlfriend into reading it with me so we could obsesses, I mean talk about it together. This book was adorable. From seeing all the boys as they are made into a band and how they instantly bond with one another despite their differences. To of course the budding romance between Danny and Elliot and the pain in my heart at their having to hide it. I adored this book.But when we're in here alone...When we're in here alone, you're mine.So a book about a boy band, I guess that means I should pick a favorite one right? Okay, fine. It’s Elliot. Not only is he from my part of town the boy just had my heart in a tight grip. His relationship with his family and his best friend Sara are what give this young man the foundation needed to handle this crazy life he has been thrust into. And can I just say, I LOVED Sara. There is a part in the book where she and Elliot talk and my friend messaged me to say “OMG! THAT IS SO YOU!” She was great, a constant support for her friend no matter what. Danny, oh that man boy. The things he is forced to do for love and the band…made me love him and at the same time angered the holy hell out of me. Why? Why is it that even today in 2013 we are still so afraid to let someone be who they are? To make someone hide their sexuality because it’s not good for business. Sure, this is a book but it happens and it really does make me sick. We should not live in a time where it’s okay to portray a young man as a complete womanizing whore but it is not okay for him to be gay. Ugh. I will not jump completely on my soap box but I have to say it bugs me to no end.Why is this necessary? I guess the girlfriend is just... hiding what's in plain sight. Who wanted people to think they slept their way around town when they were only eighteen years old? And really? Did their publicity team think that was such a good alternative to people thinking Elliot was gay?I could go on and on about what I found amazing and fantastic with this book. It just hit every button for me and I how could I ask for more? Danny and Elliot are now in my favorites and as a reader I could not be happier about that. I have become one of those screaming fans that is in love with the boys of Static, the more than a bromance of Delly and simply a fangirl for this story in so many ways. Just writing this review, looking at what I highlighted and going over my quotes my cheeks hurt. I wish I could share each quote etc. that I liked but I think I have babbled enough. Did I mention how much I loved this book? Maybe?Catch My Breath is a wonderful, smart and fun read. Like I said, I smiled throughout this book even when it hurt my heart. From first meetings, to games of speed, sneaking in secret touches, jealousy over bread sticks, forced separations, fake relationships, sneaking phone calls (Oh yeah, that one was pretty hot there at the end), first times and red carpet kisses…I LOVED this book! It has become my go to book when I need to feel better, when life has thrown me a bit more to handle and I need to sit still and yes, catch my breath.