The Touch Of Hope

The Touch Of Hope - Brandon Shire

This was...I am at a loss for words. The picture, the prompt, it touched me at first glance. The letter and then the story of Jonathan and Erik was beautiful.I have sons and while I hope that they find something/someone in their lives to make them happy I am also surrounded by the "type" of parent that wouldn't. It breaks my heart to think that any child for any reason would not be welcome in their home simply for being their true self and be forced out onto the street.


"Man, you are a newb, aren't you?""What's that mean?" Jonathan asked as he halted to a stop. He didn't like the sound of it at all. He was new to the street, but he wasn't stupid. The boy stopped and looked back at him. "Means you're probably going to get hurt, or raped, or killed. Or all of them if you don't learn how to survive."


Jonathan; I want to take to wrap him up and take him home. While he was so lost and vulnerable the strength he finds when Erik walks up and says three words, made my heart ache. So many parts of this story did that. But one, one melted me and made me feel so many emotions. I don't think I have read such a tender scene between two young men as that one. It was sweet, it was sensual, it was poignant and it was beautiful. All the hope I could have was wrapped up in that, wrapped up with them.


Erik; what a diverse young man. I was not sure who he was but I knew underneath the street name was just a young man who wants...who wants. I want for him too. The Touch of Hope was another fantastic read from this group and I hang my head in admitting it's my first read from Brandon Shire. I am smacking myself for not reading him sooner, for not touching those covers sitting on my Nook and getting lost in his words. That will be remedied.