Then, Again

Then, Again - Karen Stivali Do you remember that crush you had in High School? That boy or girl that you doodled your name on your folder with, dreamed about and hoped that one day you would live Happily Ever After with? So did Kimmy Turner and this is her story.We met Kay, as Kimmy is now called, returning home sooner than expected to find a not so wonderful surprise at her apartment with her soon to be ex-boyfriend. With the emotional turmoil of her grandmother’s passing and now this; Kay heads back “home” to deal with her grandmother’s house, her loss and to spend some much needed time off reflecting. Alone time is good for the soul but so is running into the ultimate crush of your youth, James Margolis, looking handsome and sexy and who is now inviting you over for some food. Great Googly Moogly the food…just saying.Told in the alternating POV’s of Kay and James we get this sweet romantic story. I was in love with James right away as we get in his head. Each of his “I want to, but I shouldn’t…yet’s” were perfect and how I would imagine a guy’s overactive brain would react to seeing Kay after all these years. It was adorable, endearing and at times damn sexy to know what he was thinking.There was no hint of the awkward girl she’d been years ago when they’d first met. She was all woman now, and it took his breath away. Kay, oh goodness she could have been me through parts of this story. Not the traveling photojournalist part of her but the part that had unrequited love with the boy of her dreams. (Small FYI. I had mine in the 6th grade and ended up marrying him 12yrs later.) Their story is sweet, sexy, passionate and comfortable. Yes, I said comfortable. I love a good romance where our main characters have a history. Sure, these two still have to go through the getting to know you NOW phase but they share a past and this isn’t a case of instant attraction, this is pent up longing for years that finally gets to be released. Thank goodness.For years James had been a dream. A richly detailed, often imagined, desperately longed for fantasy that she’d been certain would never become a reality. And now he’s real. A shiver ran through her.Now let me let out a button out of my jeans for a minute to talk about the food in this book. I swear I gained ten pounds just reading the detailed decadence of the food in James’ soon to be opened restaurant and the sexy teaching lessons of Grams recipes between our lovers. I could hear the sizzle of the onions as they hit the pan, smell the mushrooms as they were added and my mouth watered thinking about the sweetness of Cranberry Chocolate Chip Scones. Sweet St. Bridid, I need to run for a week straight, Forrest Gump style, to work of the virtual muffin top I now have. ~Thank you Ms. Stivali for the indulgence.~From first dates, walks on the beach, painting bathrooms, showers, baby sitting gone wrong, snotty ex’s and misunderstandings, the love story of James and Kay is just what I was looking for. It was the right book at the right time.Then, Again is a beautifully told love story of looking back to find your future. Both James and Kay have left for bigger and better out in the big city lights to find out what they really want, what has always been there and the one may have always been simply waiting right in their backyard.James changed everything. For the first time in her life she wanted something more than she wanted success. Him. It had always been him. ARC provided by the Author and Literati Literature Lovers