Let's Hear it for the Boy

Let's Hear it for the Boy - T.A. Webb You know, the show must go on and all that shit.I knew I would be a mess reading this book. The emotions that T.A. Webb can pull from me make it impossible to breathe. Have you tried to read an ebook on your phone while crying into your glasses that you need to be able to read? Sweet Saint Brigid!A burden shared is a burden halved. That’s what my momma used to say.This may be the shortest review I have written about a story, that is simply stunning. Told in a unique way through an interview we get the heart behind the successful drag queen Auntie Social. The easy answer won’t be given this time to the frequently asked question; this time Matthew Trammell will tell his tale -his truth- to Paul Stewart.I remember sitting there, with him, and thinking, he’s not mine.The story of Matthew and his love for his friend, his lover, Patrick was sweet, it was beautiful and it was utterly heartbreaking. Being a child of the 80′s I remember the scare of AIDS but never quite understanding it until I got older. This story brought it full circle. To be in the head of a gay man, wanting to be intimate with the man he loves but being so scared. That sex, just having sex could be a death sentence. I couldn’t breathe, that small but HUGE fact gripped my chest and from that moment on my eyes were filled with tears. I cannot even make sense of the emotions I got from this short story, being only 43 pages from cover to cover, I just felt. Yeah…I felt, I felt each word deeply and thoroughly. I am still feeling hours after finishing it.This is a bitter sweet and lovely story that I will say it is a must read. There is not much I can say or should say other than, just read it. This is another bundle of characters that are not going to leave me for sometime. I am going to go listen to Deniece Williams now and dance my ass off in honor of unrequited love, love at last, lost love and the hope of finding love again.He was my boy. No Romeo, but he was my love and one man show.