Take It Off (Market Garden, #2)

Take It Off - L.A. Witt, Aleksandr Voinov There is a time where you need a stand alone story and a time when you need more. With Jared and Tristan I wanted more and hot damn did I get it. "Just an endless stream of clones coming through the black current in search of a night's entertainment." Take it Off takes places some time down the road from Quid Pro Quo. Jared and Tristan have established themselves as a rentboy team. They play their Johns in a game of control while playing each other as well. Told from the perspective of Tristan, we see his feelings are changing toward Jared. It's not just work anymore. "Look all you want, lads. I get to fuck him." The boys get a familiar request when once again, Rolex strolls through the doors of Market Garden. He wants seconds of the boys and Jared want's revenge; sweet, sexy revenge on Tristan for their first time together. The turning of the tables shows the growth of Jared with his confidence and growth of emotion within Tristan. The anticipation was no less intense than the their first scene in Quid Pro Quo yet we have the inner turmoil of Tristan wanting to get something off his chest but will he be able to do so before he gets off? "How the hell do I tell him I want him for myself?"Again, a fantastic short read from this pair. The writing is flawless, the storyline intriguing and the delivery is stellar. I cannot wait to move on to get Nick's story. I am sure I won't be disappointed.