Truth - Sherri Hayes Truth, I have been waiting for this book! It was almost exactly a year ago that I finished Need and wanted to know what was going to happen. I was thrilled we were going to get another book to finally get the conclusion to Brianna’s horrifying story and how the heck she ended up with that monster of a man.Tell me how you know Ian Pierce. Truth begins with a struggle; a struggle not only for Brianna but for me as well. Being a year since I had been with Brianna and Stephan, I was digging for the feelings I had from the first two books. Remembering key parts that I loved about them; the greeting between the two from Slave when Stephan came home from work, the collar and leash at the mall and Brianna coming so far from what Stephan originally saw that fate filled day when she was presented to him. What I got was a bit different. Maybe it was my expectations? Maybe it was the time and space from reading Need to starting this? I am not sure, but I had to dig deep to get back into the story. I had to remind myself that Stephan was only 24yrs old; it seemed odd for him to be SO in control at that young of an age but I went with it. He is written much older to me in the first two books yet with Truth; I can only see this young man and it was much harder to see him as an experienced Dom this time around. Did it take away from the story? Honestly, a bit, but we all have our issues right?As I watched him sleep, I remembered our conversation when he’d told me that in some ways he was like Ian. I wasn’t sure what he meant by that. Stephan was kind. He never forced me to do anything or hurt me just to hear me scream out in pain. Settling into the story I was ready to find out just how Jonathan Reeves let his daughter become a slave. How he let her be sold to extinguish the gambling debts and allow his daughter to be used, abused and beaten down both physically and emotionally. I thought this would come early on and we would be dealing with the repercussions of it as the book progressed. I was wrong. We do get more instruction with Stephan and Brianna as she learns that she is safe with him and the sex that was used against her with Ian will never be used in that way with Stephan. Brianna begins to learn that though things seem to be wrong (hair pulling etc.), they are not, if done out of love and pleasure with someone she trusts. Oh, there were a few times my heart ached for her; as she wrote in her journal recalling the names the men used for her and when asked the simplest of questions, “So how did the two of you meet?” Sigh. The simple things we take for granted. This journey of love and learning that Stephen and Brianna are on is far from over. There is still so much to be dealt with and so many things for them to learn about one another. From Brianna recognizing things that are done to her that are turn ons, yet scare her with that fact, to Stephan needing the kink that he is accustomed to in physical relationships. Brianna’s willingness to try new things because Stephan wants them is endearing. What wouldn’t we do for that love and security with our partner? I do love that Brianna has Lily to talk things out with. Having been in Stephan’s life and world, she is a wonderful presence in her life when she has doubts and questions.Don’t ever be ashamed of what you enjoy. As long as it’s something you both want, then who cares what other people think? While at times it feels like the pair are progressing we do get a few set backs that has poor Brianna retreated inside herself unable to grasp that people “play” for fun and not all “punishments” are brutal and scaring. Coming from the world she was so savagely thrust into, I can see her confusion but at times I wanted to just scream “trust him already.” I wanted her to remember that collar she was wearing was a sign of Stephan’s loyalty and protection. With that collar she was his and nothing would change that. But, I am not in the still fragile state that she is; that constant state of want mixed with fear.One day, he was going to realize I wasn’t the right one for him. I wasn’t ever going to be enough. And when that day came, he was going to leave me. I was broken and I couldn’t be fixed. I was hoping we would get everything cleared up and aired out with a conclusion in Truth, but with the skill that Ms. Hayes possesses, she leaves us wanting more. I am anxious to see how this story finally ends. Those last pages were intense and I am not sure I can last another year to get the final installment of Finding Anna.You matter, Brianna. You always matter. Don’t ever think you don’t.