Wellesley Wives

Wellesley Wives - Suzy Duffy Definition of Wellesley WivesGenre – Female.They tend to be more capable than they realize and more envied than they wish.When I first started this book I wasn’t sure where it would go or what I would get into. You get a lot of information right out of the gate but once you settle down, a certain lunch happens , the story begins. I strapped in for the ride, conjured up my girlfriends who don’t live in the same town and joined in the journey with four wonderfully, different, funny, heart breaking and ultimately fearless women.“Well, at least I’m still alive. Looking young isn’t everything. Being happy is. That’s what it’s really about.”Popsy just turned 50 and for her birthday she gets a brand spankin’ new Ferrari. Everything is right with the world. She has Peter, the love of her life and husband of almost 30 years. Sandra her best friend and partner in crime. Rosie and Lily her wonderful Daughters and Natasha her adorable Granddaughter. She has a nice quiet birthday lunch planned with the family when Peter and his business partner “Uncle Jack” walk in and drop a bomb. The world around Popsy begins to unravel and she has only one choice to make, hide or face it head on? I have such respect for this woman and what she goes through. The scene at the gas station is just one reason I will route for her over and over again. There are more reasons but I can’t give those up, you will have to read the book for that.“You know, I found it easier after I left the penthouse. I felt like the ax that had been hanging over me was suddenly gone.”Sandra is having trouble with her marriage. She wants a baby at 45 but being Jack’s second wife that just isn’t going to happen. After the beans are spilled at Popsy’s birthday party, Jack comes clean with not one but two secrets and throws Sandra’s world in tail spin. What else would a Wellesley Wife do but jet off to Ireland with her best friend armed with a Thelma and Louise plan?“Sex was just a physical thing for Marcus, and back then it had been the same for Rosie. But those years had changed her, and now for her it was intimate and private. How could she explain that in a way he would understand?”Rosie, dear Rosie a girl after my own heart. Deeply in love with her husband Marcus and desperate to save their marriage by any means she can. But what line do you cross for the sake of love and how much of yourself are you willing to give up to make another person happy? I cannot buy into the “Be an Ostrich” when it comes to the situation in Mexico. I would not know how to deal with that and oh Rosie I am so glad you found Sam and the NO Club. Hang in there girlfriend!“What did it matter? They were together now and in love. They would just work through this tough patch.”Lily, a girl who follows her heart more than her head and just wants to be with the man she loves even though it may be wrong. The guilt she feels over the events actually breaks my heart. She really is just a girl who fell in love with the wrong guy. To take the world onto her shoulders is too big a burden for someone so slight. She is always trying to do the right thing and be the people pleaser but she never ends up pleasing her self that way. Thank goodness for Matt! Sigh.“You love this townEven if that doesn’t ring trueYou’ve been all overAnd it’s been all over you.”~Beautiful Day, U2I completely fell in love with the women in this book. They are all so different yet so alike dealing with the loss, the struggle and the journey to who they really are at the core. The story is told in a delightful way that is never rushed, giving the reader ample time to know the characters; not just by name but by actions of their heart and soul. Oh yes, there are the men, the men aren’t so bad, well some of them at least. Peter is my favorite and Jack my least. Marcus well, he needs a good spanking though I am scared he might enjoy it. The “extra” men from the story are pure gems hidden away; Sam, Matt, Shane and Sven. Each one held a pivotal role in our ladies lives and they wouldn’t be the same without them.Wellesley Wives is for me a story about strength. Strength in self, love, loss, trust, friendship and taking a chance. This book makes me want to hug my sisters and conference call my girlfriends (who take me for who I am both good and bad) to make sure our date in Atlanta next July is still on and plans are being made.“How would I know what people think, and more important, why would I give a hoot? The world is full of jealousy. Just dance to your own tune.”*ARC provided by the publisher SMITH PUBLICITY, INC.*