Captive in the Dark (The Dark Duet, #1)

Captive in the Dark - C.J. Roberts "Each story wanted, no-needed-to reveal a human fragility, a human bondage which tied people to the things they did and to be the person they held in their heads. Those stories were something true and sometimes horrific but people were people and the parts didn't just tell the whole story." I added Captive in the Dark to be TBR list but was worried about reading it; thinking it might take me too deep into the darkness and I would need a support group to make it through. I decided to peek at it and skim a few pages but after reading the first few lines this book had me hooked and lost. Falling in to the story chills crawled up my spine and goose bumps covered my skin as I got deeper and darker into this twisted tale. Caleb is not what I was expecting at all. He frightened me for what he was capable of doing, what he had done and what he will do but I was so conflicted by his behavior. I am not sure if I wanted to see the softer side even thought it added an extra layer to him. He was easier to categorize without it. I wanted a monster in this story and I got one but there were more monsters hidden where we couldn’t see them. Olivia is a strong willed yet naive girl. Her stubborn actions earn her punishment along with admiration from her Master; the one who wants to break her but the one she wants comfort from. Her being captive in the dark, not knowing what was going to happen, yet as the reader you know, reminded me of classic Hitchcock films. The viewer always knew the score while they players were unaware. I will not give a repeat synopsis of this book, if you are willing to take a chance and open your mind I suggest you read it. If you are looking for a fairy tale or a light BDSM book I suggest you look elsewhere. Captive in the Dark is a mind trip; an intense and gripping read that will challenge you and have you question what is right and wrong. What is acceptable behavior and what can be tolerated? It will have you asking yourself if there is such a thing as redemption for the truly wicked regardless of what led them to evil?Captive in the Dark does not shock or disturb you for the sheer value of doing so because it can. The author weaves and intelligent story that will make you think while you are reading and long after. I am more than anxious to read the sequel, Seduced in the Dark, to continue on this dark adventure and finally know the conclusion of this twisted story.