The Redhead Revealed

The Redhead Revealed - Alice Clayton Alice Clayton has done it again! The Redhead Revealed begins where The Unidentified Redhead left off; Jack in Los Angeles getting ready for the opening night of Time and Grace in New York doing rehearsals for her big stage debut. I worried about George and Gracie and being apart. They just found one another and admitted they were crazy in love so how could this work. “Long-distance relationships typically work best (if at all) when the couple has been together a lot longer than we had. We went from a vacuum of sweet and sex and love, to zero face-to-face contact-and it was proving more difficult than either of us had thought it would be” Our laugh out loud couple does their best to stay connected; long chats, steamy texts and A LOT of phone sex. Let’s talk about the sex for a minute. Ms. Clayton has these steamy, smutty, sexy scenes down to a science! Holy Hell can she write a sex scene. There is a lot of it in this book and while others may seem overwhelming or just plain filer I look forward to them every time without hesitation. Even on different coasts our couple still has that spark yet their careers are attempting to pull them apart. Grace and her relationship with the one that got away, her current career boosting friend Michael only had eyes for our redhead and a past flame Marcia is showing up all over TMZ with the lovely Jack with tabloids suggestively putting them together again. Grace has her issues and they show up full force in this sequel, she crazy after all. The few times they get to see each other are wonderful and so sweet. Grace always trying to be with Jack yet respectful of his up and coming super stardom is admirable and at times sad to me. I cannot imagine being in that position. But of course in true “redhead” hilarity she finds away to make it all work out. “This. Us. This isn’t going to work out” Ugh. “You’re crazy, you know that? How in the world can you even think of ending things with me? You know we are perfect together.” I did not want this to happen though it was clear where they were headed. Grace returns to New York and Michael and Jack becomes a young Hollywood actor on the scene. I was worried that this could mirror another book I had just read with a love triangle but to the credit of the author she shot that down rather quickly and I was thankful. It just wouldn’t work with these two. Yes, we get the separation that I was afraid of but Jack calls BS on Grace and they are back where they belong. Once again the handsome Brit is seen across a room with a dashing sexy smile watching his sweet girl sing. The lunch scene was perfect and honest. Angst has no place in their story, they deserve their happily ever after without the constant ridiculous hurdles.The fun is always constant in this sequel; I laughed until I cried with the whole shirt turban during sex. Anytime there is laughter during sex in a good way I am all for it. Do not mess with Grace and her candy obsession, and do not offer her Milk Duds when she is in a stunning dress, the poor girl. Jack is charming as ever and such a match in every way for Grace. They learn to handle the crazy along with their rocketing careers, what could be better? I loved the last page with the tabloid article, what a great way to set up book three. Again I identified with Grace on so many levels. I normally disconnect with the protagonist but this is the second series I have read where I just get her. Her insecurities about her body, the over analyzing of absolutely everything, the way she second guesses her decisions and her overwhelming need to do what she feels is the best for someone even though it tears her apart. She is a wonderful character for me to read. If you read The Unidentified Redhead you must read the sequel for one reason only…schmaltz!