How to Mend a Broken Heart

How to Mend a Broken Heart - Amy Andrews This was a different style book for me, it hit home pretty hard on a few points. I usually read more towards the contemporary romance with the fantasy element of the rock star etc. This was a very sweet story. Disclaimer: The cover does this book NO JUSTICE at all! It really says nothing about the emotion that is portrayed in the book. Fletcher and Tessa were married, a tragedy happened and they divorced. Fast forward nine years to the anniversary of the tragedy and they are face to face again because Fletch needs help and Tess is just the person to help him. Reluctantly Tess agrees; see Fletch needs help with his mother whom is living with Alzheimer's and Tess just happens to work in a home for such patients. She reluctantly agrees but does because she knows her ex-mother in law can benefit from her help. The catch with this arrangement is Fletcher's mother thinks they are still married and does not remember they divorced. Such trauma is not good for a woman in their condition so of course Fletch and Tess decide what is best is to pretend. Here is where it gets good. From the first touch of Tess' hand on Fletcher's thigh to her shirt sliding off her shoulders in bed we get glimpses of who this couple used to be together; a couple madly in love and who could never get enough of one another. The flashbacks and time together are just steamy enough and placed perfectly where they do not feel forced or for filler. Yet though we see their past happiness; there is the tragedy looming over them like a serious dark cloud of regret and guilt from their past. To confront this can lead them down two different roads which neither of them are sure they want to travel but know they are the only one who could mend the heartbreak that caused their divorce and the divorce itself. How to Mend a Broken heart is a very real to life story. A story of two people who fall in love and separate because they felt it was for the best. There is a scene in this book dealing with the tragedy that had me in tears; it was emotional reading it but on a personal level I experienced the almost exact same thing so reading something that close to home and my heart hit hard. I enjoyed this read as it was a nice break from the fantasy land of rich men, rock stars etc. and just read as simple love story about a man and a woman who caused each other pain but have the chance to repair the hurt. Thank you to NetGalley and Mills & Boon Medical and Harlequin Medical Romance series for the opportunity to read and review this ARC.