Reflected in You (Crossfire Trilogy Series #2)

Reflected in You - Sylvia Day I am going to review this within 30 minutes of finishing it because honestly, I cannot spend anymore time with this book. I apologize, for this is going to be a bit of a rant. Not my normal forte but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Let me first say I LOVED Bared to You...LOVED IT! But this book just fell flat. As flat as my forehead is from banging my head against the desk, wall and Nook while reading it. I expected the high level of energy that is WHAT makes up Eva and Gideon. I thought that maybe in their four week (was it only four weeks? Sheesh!) relationship they would settle down a bit but NO that couldn't happen. There was so much drama, so much running away, coming back, and running away again that my head hurt and not from the head banging. I couldn't focus on who Gideon and Eva were as separate characters and certainly could not connect with them as a couple. I felt like something was seriously missing. What was I missing? Oh, the five days it took to read the book! Sex in a book, sex that I know the author is great at writing to create some serious steam that I need to bring a towelette to wipe off my Nook should NEVER be confusing. From the shower scene, the mile high scene, the OH SO uncomfortable ride in the limo to the beach Um was that premature ejaculation from an Alpha Male? I am so confused! scene. I never felt that welcome tingle and need to rush home or wake up my husband. Ugh. Don't get me started on Gideon and his creepy behavior. I love a good Alpha Male but there is a line that is crossed in this book, not Crossfire but plain crossed. No is no, unless you have me collared and I have agreed to be your slave I don't need to safe out to get you to stop. Safe-word or not, if you care for someone and they say get off then get off. Oh, does the man own ALL of Manhattan? Did they give him a key to the city? Should we rename it the land of Gideon? Argh. Having wealth and power is one thing but they way he goes about it is not attractive at all. Eva did show some signs of a back bone but always ran back to Gideon. I get love, I get loyalty and devotion but there is so much co-dependency between these two it made me sick. They need a new therapist or at least listen to the one they sit in front of. I had high hopes for this book I really did. The feel to it was so off and I don't know if it was how Bared was self published that made it different or that this just was not the book for me. This book was provided from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.