Bridges (Don't Read in the Closet) - M.J. O'Shea

M.J. O'Shea knows the way straight to my heart and this hit hard and it was so damn good. What is it about young boys, sexual tension and hot Texas nights that just hit THAT button for me?


Brooklyn and Dallas have been enemies since the third grade. Regardless of their feelings for one another they keep finding themselves thrown together in situations that continually end with their non-friendly hands on one another. The summer after they graduate, they get jobs, together, stocking shelves over night.


What do you do when your mortal enemy starts to seem not so evil and you start to see him different? It felt kind of strange but for the first time since we’d met I didn’t look at Brooklyn and see the biggest asshole in the universe. I just saw a regular guy and it was kind of a relief.We never brought up the subject of how we’d hated each other for nearly ten years. It would’ve made everything awkward when it was actually going pretty well between us for the first time ever.


I adored this story of self discovery and giving what you never considered a chance. Del and Brook were so damn sweet and they grabbed me from page one and the picture that inspired this story? It was perfect, the story was perfect...sigh...I am done.