Bind and Keep Me - Cari Silverwood Sometimes fear can be solid – it can be something that clogs your lungs and invades your blood vessels until you wonder if the next pump of our heart will see you dead. Oh boy. What a twisted tale this has turned out to be. After reading Take Me, Break Me and dare I say, enjoying the story of Klaus and Jodie I was more than intrigued to find out how it would continue. What I thought I would get and what I got are two totally different things.Klaus was my rock, my soul mate, my lover, my man who delivered me delicious pain over his lap, or with his hand firmly clenched in my hair or his foot on my neck. I wouldn’t have done it for any other man. But I loved him. Klaus and Jodie have settled nicely into their new roles and their renewed relationship. Things seem to be going swimmingly and I was ready for some great scenes filled with kink and Klaus’ new learnt and controlled Sadism. But…what happens in those first few pages had my jaw on the floor. WHO starts a book off like that and what the hell is going to happen through the rest if this is how it begins? Can I answer that? No, it is one twisted mess that seems to have a way of fixing it but is this right thing to do?Jodie, this has ripped a huge hole in our lives. We cannot be the same after this. I can’t tell if this is me rising to the occasion, or descending into Hell. If I could take back what was done to you, I’d sacrifice myself to whatever fucking god I could find, but I can’t.I will admit that I fell in love with Klaus in Take Me, Break Me. I loved watching him change and grow but in this? He blew me away. The control that he exhibits while balancing that fine line where he could take it too far was stunning. His emotions, his inner struggle and yes, even his sadism were gorgeous to me. With Jodie; we see a very different side to her that was fitting though be it at times confusing, yet her ying and the yang came together in perfect form. The author has such a way of bringing the beauty into the darkness and the pleasure with the pain.Speaking of beauty; let me step outside the story and just talk about the writing. The writing is gorgeous. Things like:The flat liquid glinted in the fluorescent light. Outside in the night, past the wide open glass doors, the wind sighed and sent tree boughs rubbing one another and rustling. The pages on a magazine flipped. Leaves skittered along the wide verandah. That right there is the reason that books that go into the dark side of our sexuality and psyche are so easily read for me. The beauty and intelligence of the writing can carry you through the darkest scenes if you just let them seep in and marinate into your soul. Those words have me immersed in the story, I am there. I can see the liquid and hear each noise, I am transported from my comfortable chair in the safety of my home to the unknown that is soon to unfold and tell me its story.Down the rabbit hole this story takes us. I would like to say that we went pretty dark with Jodie and Klaus in the first book but what we learn here was certainly eye opening and once again I loved it. I am a fan of the dark side of erotica and Bind and Keep Me takes us to the darkest corners where we have to take a step back along with our characters to remember what is right, what is moral and when to say fuck it all and just let it happen.I was so fucked in the head. I loved this. And I wondered who I was. I’d thought I was a pillar of society. But now, I knew I was a thousand miles from that. And I wasn’t sure I cared anymore. Bind and Keep Me is sure to push buttons and boundaries. There are parts that admiringly had my eyebrows up and past my hair line as well as many curses uttered as I tried to figure out where this was going. This is one hell of a mind fuck from the first word to the last that even Klaus would be in awe of. Sexual possession, power, sadism – all rolled into one.