With Strings Attached - Kelly Jamieson Hot Damn. This was a fun and sexy read. I picked this book up after being offered a spot on the blog tour for the second book. Yeah, I am a bit backward but oh well. I am SO glad that my OCD wouldn't allow me to read out of order even though it appears they could be stand alones. I adored the story between Corey, Matt and Dylan even though the threesome action went against my summer pledge. There are always acceptations to the rule right?I bit about our party of three:Corey, I have to say I loved her. She is such a sweet girl who has a bit of a rough/troubled past. I love strong women and she certainly is that. She has made her way through a shitty childhood with a bipolar and pretty absent mother to be successful after leaving a major chocolate corporation to go out on her own. Her independence is endearing as well as her stubborn streak, she does not want to ask for help from anyone and yet we see she is vulnerable at the same time. She has been saving to open her own shop and she mentors kids who have family members with mental illness…did I say I loved her? This woman is fantastic and makes me feel like a lazy bum. It’s a good thing she lives in a book…just saying.Corey’d gone through hell and come out of it a strong, amazing woman, albeit with a bit of a chip on her shoulder but who could blame her?Matt, good lord! Do they make men like this in real life? He is an all around nice guy who helps out his widowed mother and sister with her kids PLUS his little sister. He has a taken on the father role since his father passed away. Matt not only own his own microbrewery but he is constantly making new beers with great names and tie-ins to his life. He is not the luckiest in love was burned in a previous relationship which led to him starting a friends with benefits deal with Corey after she was burned as well. Friends with benefits…men and women being JUST friends. Why do I hear Billy Crystal’s speech in When Harry Met Sally in my head?Women regarded him as a nice guy friend material but not red-hot lover material. The guy who was too nice to flirt with, or go out with. And then we have Dylan, oh baby! Our local boy done good pro surfer who has come home after an injury that has taken him off the latest tour. Confused and troubled about his injury and the state of his career, he reunites with his buddy Matt and meets Corey….Dylan and Matt and Corey…things are bound to get interesting.But being there with Matt and Corey and caring and feeling was strangely easy. It fit, like a perfect wet suit.Matt and Corey have both been burned in relationships and have sworn them off. Matt has always lived in the friend zone and Corey knows how to pick the bad boys that don’t treat her right. After a night of one too many drinks they end up in bed together and have a great time. What else do you do when you have hot sex with your best friend? Become friends with benefits of course.This works out well for Corey and Matt; hanging out and having sex when they feel like it. They get the both of best worlds until the world gets tilted by the arrival of Matt’s friend Dylan. Oh sexy pro surfer Dylan. Even with that boot on your foot you were yummy. Yes, yummy. I have soft spot for boys who surf. So Dylan shows up, he takes an instant liking to Corey and Corey to him. With Matt and Corey not being in a relationship things should go fine with this attraction…until someone suggests that the attraction include a little math: 1+1+1=Threesome. Yup.Seeing her being held by another guy like that was…hot.Fuck. They both wanted her. “Corey,” he said again. “What do you want?”“I want you both,” she whispered. “Both of us,” Dylan repeated. “Well I’m up for a threeseome.”Oh yeah. I was up for that too. Holy Smokes! There are times when you read a sex scene and you have to think..wait who is where and you get lost in the mechanics. That is SO not the case with this story. This author knows her sex and even though I mentioned that Matt is a nice guy, there are four words that he says to Corey that are smoking hot. Phew. Just thinking about that makes me squirm. Now sex always makes things complicated and for these three there is no exception. They have a great time sure but only when together, the three of them. Hmm. Why is that? The underlying feelings between Matt and Corey are thrust forward and the triangle becomes messy.Will they or won’t they? Who will end up with whom? The story flowed nicely and as you get into the past of these three you feel involved in their lives. Corey with her parental issues, Matt and his mom being well not just a mom and Dylan with his sporadic moments of instant panic regarding his future and the residual side effects of his accident that just make my heart ache for him, for each of them and just wanted it all to work out in one tidy, sexy Happily Ever After…in bed. Yes, I tossed out a cheesy fortune cookie pun there.With Strings Attached is a great friends to lover’s story with a twist. It was fun, sexy, smart and such an easy read. I am ready to move on with the rest of the series and pack my bags to move to this sexy little beach town where love and everything in between flows as gorgeous as the waves.