The Flesh Cartel #2: Auction (The Flesh Cartel Season 1: Damnation) - Rachel Haimowitz, Heidi Belleau How many times could you rape a boy, beat and humiliate and taunt him, before you just...broke him?I wonder what it means if I say I like this serial; this fucked up yet compelling story. It is tough, it is brutal and at times nauseating but there is something about it that draws me, to use a cliché, like a moth to a flame. Episode 2 starts exactly where Episode 1 left off. We still have no idea what is in store for these brothers; will he ever get to see each other again? Why they were taken and what is going to be done to them? With cruel and yet beautiful writing we are right there as Mat and Dougie are tortured, raped and dehumanized. From padded cells with visits from guards, doctors “appointments” with unspoken rules that broken earn punishments and the prep for the auction that neither brother is aware of…we see the boundaries of human rights crossed as they no longer exist in this world Mat and Dougie has been tossed into. And now, the last piece to ensure his compliance, the one thing they’d had on him since the beginning. His love for his brother. His fear of facing the world without Mat. His far of what might happen to Mat if he were gone. What won’t Mat and Dougie do to stay together? That is the question and the gut wrenching reality that we only begin to see here. I have no idea how far they will go or once again if I can handle it but I can’t stop here. I can’t leave them like that. I have to find out more of Nikolai and who he is beyond what we have learned thus far. I need to know. This need, this insane need to know where this story will go next has turned me inside out. Again, this story has pushed by boundaries. It is not a story for everyone. This it not a romance, I suggest anyone who even thinks about reading The Flesh Cartel read the warnings and be self aware. I thought [b:Power Play: Resistance|13484184|Power Play Resistance (Power Play, #1)|Rachel Haimowitz||19019159] was hard core. This blows it out of the hemisphere.