Heart Trouble - Jenny Lyn Rating Clarification: 4.5 stars!What a find this was! I read a short by Jenny Lyn in Felt Tips and knew she could bring the sexy in only a few pages but Heart Trouble? It hit the right spot for me at the right time and I could not be happier!I lost a bet, plain and simple, and I never renege on a bet. I love how this book starts; Erin and her girl Tess at the newest nightclub, Blue , all dressed up with a clear goal for the night…get Erin to loosen up and to flirt with one man until he buys her a drink. Sounds simple right? Thank goodness she spots a good looking man over at the bar that will suffice to win the bet. The thing is this guy turns out to be more than Erin bargained for and with a few choice words exchanged the two are at a higher level than basic attraction. How do I know what they are both feeling? We get dual POV’s! Oh yeah baby. Being inside Sean’s head is veray nice. Veray nice indeed. The first word that popped into his head when he looked at her was bombshell. The second was sex. He’d bet a month’s salary those breasts were real. Upon closer inspection, so was the hair color. Not that he had anything against fake tits and dye jobs; he just preferred the real thing if given a choice. Fuck, he was here to work, not get distracted by his neglected dick. The banter between these two from the start is great. Both of them are smart; Erin is an ER doctor and Sean is a detective, and their worlds soon collide when trouble quite literally hits the dance floor. Now, I am a sucker for endearments or nicknames and while I had fallen for Sean as quick as Erin did with that beer hanging off his fingers, but the moment he said “Talk to me, Doc” I was lost. The chaos turns into a sublime opportunity for Sean to become the alpha cop and stay the night with Erin for protection. So…what does a stressed out ER Doctor do with a hot, smart, funny detective under her roof? Oh yeah.Give in to her sudden feverishness of her libido. Get herself into trouble no doubt. Our couple is relatable as are their friends. Yes, there is the insta love but when this is done well, I go with it and I have to say I had a bad case of insta love for Erin and Sean. Heart Trouble is not a book where you had to check your morals or your reality with the turn of the first page. You only have to sit back and enjoy the ride and what a ride it was! Just a chat about what to wear and who will be told what while standing in the closet still has me smiling. I emailed a friend to tell her that I was smiling like a goon over the book at that part, it was simple but it stuck with me. Good books will do that to ya. Speaking of friends…I really hope Tess and Luke get that introduction and possibly their own book. I would love to see those two go head to head and head over heels for each other. Now, I know I have said this was a sexy and it was but Heart Trouble has a story line to go with the sexy and that to me makes a fantastic read. The intrigue and mystery of who IS the serial killer, the constant worry of the next victim and how these two newly acquainted/infatuated people will remain together had me sneak reading at work and finishing the book in one sitting. Granted, it’s not a long read but what the author gives us in a character development, story line and some great moments that had me swooning, laughing and a few times fanning myself, more than makes up for the number of pages. I finished this book three days ago and it’s still on my mind. I loved how Erin and Sean met. I love how they accepted their attraction and went with it even though both of them questioned it. I loved their friends and family and they way they leaned on them and the support they got from them. I loved the angst, it was done well with a great explanation for it and the people watching in the ER? I could see played out in my head like a movie. I loved every part of this book. There was not one word on the page, one scene etc. that I did not like and for me that is rare. Heart Trouble is a great fun and sexy read; a wonderful story about taking a chance even when there is no logical or medical explanation for falling in love. I certainly fell in love with this story and I can't wait to read more from Jenny Lyn in the future.*ARC received via Loose ID for an honest review*