The Mistress - Tiffany Reisz There is no possible way to review this book without spoilers so I am not going to try. What I will do is be blunt and honest. I am an Über fan of Tiffany Reisz, there is no doubt about that. The woman kills me with her words and I would die a thousand tiny deaths to read them. Call me a Reisz Masochist; I will bear the title proudly. As I say and reflect each time with each book; The Siren sat me on my ass, The Angel kicked my ass, The Prince owns my ass and The Mistress can have my ass any way, any day she wants and then some.This book…where do I begin? I will admit that the first part of the book had me worried. I was concerned where things would go and why we were being told a few things we already knew but being who I am; I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and opened them to the world I needed to see. My rose colored blinders were off and I was ready, ready to see and believe in what was presented before me. To put my trust in the capable hands of Ms. Reisz to take care of these people that I have come to love, adore and lust after.My first go ‘round with The Mistress was like a race. I had to get through it. I had to know what would happen, who would end up with whom and just how this would simply end. END? This is the last book in the series. This is it; we will not get The Original Sinners like this again! How in the world do you deal, how was I going to deal? I had no choice and even though the first half was rough for me, on the second read as well, I know that there is no way this could have ended but the way it did. It all makes sense and is much clearer after taking a break and re-reading it a second time and my favorite parts at least a good half dozen after that.Don’t try to mindfuck a mindfucker. What The Mistress does is play with your heart, your mind and your deepest emotions. We…I have come to love these characters as if they are real, they are real to me and seeing them struggle and come together for the love of one tiny woman was beyond amazing. They put aside their differences, they learned acceptance at last and the beautiful product of those things had me sobbing like a baby. There is not a moment in this quartet where I did not feel emotion; rage, elation, fear, hope, love, sadness, empathy, lust, confusion…it is all there for you. The first time you read it, the first time you go back to book one, two or three to remember something you read that has now popped up in a later book, the tie in between this series is phenomenal, there is no way you can read just one. The Original Sinners are an addiction of the best and worst kind. Once they get their hands on you they are part of you. There is no escaping them and for me, handcuff me to the bed because I am staying put.It had been the beginning of the end of everything.The Mistress begins right where we left off. Nora is kidnapped, Wesley is beside himself and he makes a phone call to the only person that can help him and yet the one person he does not want to ask for help. That one person, our lovely Father Knows Best comes with a devilishly handsome partner in crime.“I trust Kingsley and I have good reason to. Even Søren goes to Kingsley when there’s a shit storm,” she’d said. “And if I’m involved there’s usually a shit storm.” But he couldn’t deny this was the shit storm to end all shitstorms. Only for Nora would he come to Kingsley begging for help. Told through different POV’s we get the game played through their eyes. Each one digging deeper into the story, the intrigue and the emotions as the clock ticks away and Nora’s life is in danger. I can’t and won’t go into detail because as I said before, it is hard to review this without spoilers, and I do NOT do spoilers.Behind so much beauty lay so much sin.What I can say the two additional POV’s were interesting. My first read I wasn’t thrilled with them, with one really at all but then again, I had to take my heart out of my, well, my heart to take a step back and really SEE what was in front of me. It took a lot, I have been so invested in how I wanted this to turn out but this isn’t my story, it’s theirs and they are important. They hold a pivotal place in the world of the Sinners and what I wouldn’t do to trade places with at least one of them…both of them to be honest.You are worth the risk, and you are my grace. What I have to say is Wesley, oh my Wesley; sigh. I thought you grew up in The Prince but you did a complete turn about for me here. You have become such a man who is so comfortable with who he is that with that knowledge you are able to see others through the outer layers into who THEY really are. Your ability to find beauty and salvation where others would judge, oh Wes, that just floored me.Wesley, who was young but certainly no coward. Any man who braved the bed of Nora Sutherlin and the wrath of le prêtre could be called many things, but not a coward. What I want to say is this quartet of The Original Sinners is a masterpiece. Whether you like one book more than another there is no denying that this series is indeed original. It has changed the way I read, the way I think and yes, the way I see the world. I cannot imagine where I would be had I not taken the advice to further my collar fetish and read The Siren. I cannot imagine where I would be had I not read the love stories of Michael/Griffin, Kingsley/Søren, Nora/Wesley, Nora/Søren…you get the point.The Mistress, I know I have not said enough about the book and there is a method to that madness, you have to read it yourself. You have to feel that emotion, whatever it is in its raw form. For me, there is one point in the book that I hold dear to me, it’s personal of course and it’s fantastic. It was simply beautiful and perfect. A hidden gem that made me smile and made me put down my Nook to sob into a pillow.To sum up The Mistress, to sum up The Original Sinners Series I will leave with this quote…They brought their pain to each other and each accepted the gift. This was love, not letting the people who hurt them win. This was love, taking a risk for someone else.