Undeniable  - Madeline Sheehan This book was/is ALL over Goodreads. I admit when I see a book so heavily read it intrigues and frightens me at the same time. Seeing all the five stars being thrown around and the amazing reviews I have to poke the crazy in me and see what all the hype is about. I was intrigued by the motorcycle club aspect as I grew up around real bikers. The sounds of tens of Harley’s would rumble through my best friend’s house while her father prepared to go on a run. Growing up around these men and women I was prepared for the kind of lifestyle that Eva, Deuce and company lived in. "You and me kid, we were fuckin’ born in the life, reared by the road and the wheel; it’s what we know and where we belong but that don’t mean it won’t take its toll. So you promise me, no matter what you see, no matter what sort of fucked up shit happens to you. Don’t let this life turn you bitter." Undeniable comes with a warning, first line in the synopsis. It prepares you for an unconventional love story that shows a different style of life. It did not fail to deliver. I suggest to anyone looking to read this, be self aware and read the warning. We meet five year old Eva Fox visiting her father at Rikers Island, New York City’s main jail complex. While Eva goes to the vending machine she meets a man, Deuce who is visiting his father as well. The connection between Deuce and Eva is immediate despite the 18 yr age difference. "Got nothing to do with her age. Never has. Been likin’ her since she was just a kid and now her bein’ a woman, my cock likes her too. But it’s never been about her age. Straight up, it’s always been ‘bout her." The story begins there; different than most meet cute’s we get in a romance novel but none the less important and intriguing and the dialogue is full of foreshadowing. Both Duce and Eva have fathers who run separate clubs, powerful in their own rights, not exactly friends and not enemies either. Deuce is intrigued by this little girl in pig tails who knows way too much about life for such a young age. Eva of course is smitten and who wouldn’t be with all that blond hair and blue eyes…oh and the boots! You can’t forget the boots. "And instead of being the club president, I’m gonna be the Club Queen cuz I’m gonna marry the biggest, scariest biker in the whole world and he’s gonna let me do whatever I want because he’s gonna love me like crazy." The love story, and it IS a love story, between Deuce and Eva is rocky. The chapters jump from year to years between the chances they get to see and be together. This is something between them that as the title implies is Undeniable yet neither of them know exactly how to be together. They try; they try many hot and sweaty times that were written well and believable. There wasn’t a part of this book to me that was farfetched. The writing was honest and I can understand how some may call it dark but I wouldn’t say use that to describe it. "I know I don’t know the first thing about a normal relationship because fucked up is all I’ve ever known but I have been trying so hard to make us work!" There are some interesting moments that come up I can see a reader flinching at. They can be tough to read but the author does a good job of setting the scene for the reader to help them understand what is happening. There isn’t anything in this book that is done for shock value. Every moment that you have to tell yourself what you are reading is NOT happening is! It is necessary to tell the honest story of these two flawed and broken people that are only right when they are together. Undeniable is a wonderful story told in a unique way. This is an honest love story about two people who are linked to together by something unseen but something that cannot be forgotten. I will let Deuce close this review with the best line, in my opinion, from the book. "And baby, true freedom is the open road, the wind on your face and a good woman on the back of your bike holdin’ you tight like you’re her reason for breathin’ because she sure as fuck is yours."