Mystery Man (Dream Man, #1) - Kristen Ashley I am not sure to give this 3 or 2 stars but I will give it at least a 2.75 because I finished it and that means something. My brain is all over the place and hurts from trudging the reading quicksand of this book. I read in one of my groups, Hello Smut Mondays! It was my third KA book and I was interested how it would turn out. From the beginning it was silly per the authors normal standard of shenanigans with the female lead but what stood out was the first chapter; see Gwen has a Mystery Man who sneaks into her house/bedroom at night to have sex with her and has been doing it for A YEAR AND A HALF!!!! Yeah, you read that right! She calls him Mystery Man because she doesn't know his name but knows his mouth...yadda yadda yadda (you can't yadda sex!). I found that to be odd, straight out odd that this was supposed to be sexy and not pathetic. We do get a name for Mystery Man but in another strange way. Can anyone in a KA novel meet through a normal circumstance?I really liked the initial meeting between Gwen and Tack, I actually thought he might be the one for her because the Harley Dude sure sounded great to me with those tattoos etc. but he was just a side character, a side character that I swore would morph in to one with the other two men, Cabe "Hawk" Delgado aka Mystery Man and Mitch Lawson who both wanted to claim Gwen. Sound familiar? Have you read Rock Chick by KA because this book it totally a recycled Rock Chick. You have the same shallow damsel in distress who never listens to what she is told and three men who are wanting in her pants for good. In Rock Chick you have Indy, MM has Gwen. RC has Lee (LOVE Lee btw) MM has Hawk. RC has Eddie, MM had Mitch and finally RC has Winslow and MM has Tack. Granted Tack was not slimy as Winslow was but they both wage war against our "hero" for the fair maiden. I found it hard to stay interested in the book the more I got into it. Descriptions of Hawk were identical to Ranger from The Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich but Hawk falls short of Ranger in many ways. Hawk is the poor mans Ranger. It took me about 80% into the book to finally gather an interest in what would happen next. The Epilogue was worth the torture it took to read this and I am truly happy there was a HEA. I am not sure which of the series I will read from this. I think a KA book needs to be few and far between and not taken too seriously. If you like her style of writing with the hijinks and laughs I suggest you start with the master of it, Janet Evanovich and read [b:One For The Money|6853|One For The Money (Stephanie Plum, #1)|Janet Evanovich||1486401] and go from there.