Power Play: Awakening - Rachel Haimowitz, Cat Grant “Strong enough themselves to weather the storm that was largely their own brewing, they turned loose and plundered the wrecks that floated about them.” ~Jack London, The Iron Heel Never has a quote been truer for the story of Jonathan and Bran. I honestly think the authors did a fantastic job of mind fucking me until I was in sub space with [b: Resistance|13484184|Power Play Resistance (Power Play, #1)|Rachel Haimowitz|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1329195964s/13484184.jpg|19019159] and then sensually stroking me until I submitted on my knees in perfect posture with Awakening. This, THIS is the story I wanted!"You’re too smart not to learn from your mistakes, Brandon, so why are you here?" "Because you’re too smart not to learn from your mistakes, Jonathan." Bran is back, he has come back to Jonathan. Unable to deal with what he has endured at the hands of the sadistic Dom and unable to deal without it the week he has been away. The duo reunite and realize what went wrong…they lacked some serious communication. Well boys, I don’t like to rub it in but, I told you so! I am going to toss this out there right away; that quote up there at the top, that is the perfect way to describe reading the first book. It was tough, it pissed me off and made me rant about it for at least 1,000 words but it was necessary. You had to get through the dark, the hurt, the pain, the shit ton of misunderstandings to the point where I was yelling at fictional characters to understand the beauty of Awakening. Ugh, what brilliant titles for these books, it describes exactly what is written on the pages. So, Bran is back and he and Jonathan are going to resume their relationship but try harder with the whole talking deal and honesty. What happens that first night just had me in awe. The change in both men was amazing. Jonathan became the man I wanted him to be in book one, my sadistic Dom with a side of morality. Yeah, it only took a few pages for the ice around my heart to melt for him. He wants Brandon so much that he knows he screwed up and is willing to work at this. To take it slow and to make sure that he not only gets what he needs but gives Brandon what he needs as well as teaching him. I suppose I could threaten to beat him. There were better – if perhaps less fun – ways to instruct the man. Especially now that he’d come to understand just how much Brandon had to learn – not only about being a submissive, but being, well, himself. Oh Jonathan. You made me so mad but you, Sir, turned me into one big pile of gooey mush more times than I care to admit. I am sure I could count each time if I tallied up the highlights with just you in them but I won’t. I can’t be that creepy, can I? Maybe? The way you cared and took care of Brandon this time around was breathtaking. The explanation of each scene was what I wanted. You did it for me right? The scenes were so brutal but beautiful and the praise was heart wrenching that yes, I got choked up at that first BJ out of the cage. How could I not? You gave so much with just a simple gesture. You listened and learned who Brandon really was and what he needed. The coaching, the teaching…have I said that before? I think I have gone all floaty thinking about you. Dammit. “Don’t you know by now, that I will never let you fall?”“I know Jonathan, but…what if you don’t catch me in time?”“I will catch you. And until you believe it, I suppose you’ll simply have to take it on faith.”Bran…Bran…Bran. You came back to Jonathan and I was scared for you. That first chat had me on edge but seeing you transform was again, beautiful. The strength and courage you had to learn to trust, to trust Jonathan that he could take care of you with simple things as feeding you to making sure you came out of each scene. I knew my heart was with you in Resistance but you dragged my head into this one. The submission, YOUR submission was transcendent. The fight against submitting was turned into the fight against what controlled you from the inside, the nagging destructive voices and with the skill, patience and yes love of Jonathan, you blew my mind. But Jonathan believed he could do it. And if Bran had learned one thing, it was to listen to the man. To trust him. Jonathan had never once asked something of Bran that he hadn’t turned out to be capable of giving, no matter how much Bran may have doubted it at the start. This book, I am in love with it. I still have strong feelings about where Resistance took me and I stand by what I said. I have never been so mad at a book yet wanted to read the next one the way I have done with Power Play. I am beyond pleased with the turnabout of Jonathan and Bran’s story. This really was an Awakening; not only for the boys but for me as well. It felt as if this was not a sequel but a rewind, reboot and relive the way it was supposed to be. The way Jonathan and Bran learned to trust one another, either in the dungeon with or without guests, up at Big Sur (some of my favorite moments, the beach with s’mores…sigh) on that discovery of a trip and in the Epilogue, I was enamored, entranced and enchanted through each page and when the last one was turned, I was sad it was over. “So what changed?”Brandon looked him dead in the eye and said simply, “You.”