Inferno - Scarlet Blackwell Rating: 2.5 with a slight round up to a 3I have been going back and forth on how to rate this book and how to review it. I have to say I went into it with high hopes as I was on a killer book streak with my boys. Inferno was much more cop drama than I was expecting and the first half of the book dragged for me. I did love Zack and his place in the closet (I have a soft place for boys like that), adored the few POV's we got from Claire and was curious about Dante. BUT this wasn't a book that had me turning the pages...not until 51% in where I was going to toss it on the dnf shelf did it turn itself around enough to keep me going. The story in general wasn't bad. There were a few things that had me rolling my eyes like how many times "Christ" is said by our MC's, (it was A LOT) and the use of typical British words/slang that just would not be used by adult men who live in the beach communities of Southern California (where I live). **Review Clarification: I tend to rate a book on what I can remember about it, my favorite parts, quotes etc. and I have a hard time telling this story to my friend, whom I bounce all my stories off of before reviews, without pulling out my Nook for reference.