The Laird's Forbidden Lover - Amelia C. Gormley Let me begin by stating what I loved most about this book; it took the fist genre of romance I devoured as an early teenager embarking on my hopeless romantic journey into Historical Romance and combined it with my current hopeless romantic obsession with male/male Romance. How could a girl ask for more? She couldn’t, I didn’t but I am oh so glad I picked up this gem of a story.Iain Munro has been enamored of Tavish MacIntyre for most of his young life. Tavish, having set his sites on another is unprepared for what he sees in wee Iain one day at the harvest festival.How had his shy, hero-worshipping tagalong grown so beautiful? Iain’s unrequited feelings for the soon to be Laird become a desire that neither he nor Tavish were prepared for, as one kiss in the stables turns into years of longing, stolen moments, family secrets and never enough time.“What’s got into ye?”“Ye, have my sweet Iain.” Then Tavish kissed him. When Tavish drew back, he laid his forehead against Iain’s panting. “A whole year it’s been and everyday I thought of ye. Every night, I’ve dreamed of ye. Thought of all the things I’d do if I got the change to touch ye again.”Told between the past and the present we get the men’s stories. I am one who loves a story told his way, it gives the reader an immediate glimpse into where are couple is, how they got there and just the “why” of it all. The flow between tenses was delivered flawlessly.Year after year, the men meet in hidden and bitter sweet trysts. The all too short times they get to be together tore at my heart. I loved how both men learned how to be with each other together. They way they learned how to be intimate was so sweet and tender. As the years go by, the pull of Tavish’s life, training to be the next Laird and what comes with that could be the end of their relationship and the secret relationship may not be so secret after all. What lengths will these men go to so that they can stay together?Iain fell silent and Tavish heard him swallow.“Loath as I am to say it bonny Tavish, it sounds as though ye need a wife.”Tavish cringed. “Dinnae even suggest such a thing!”“Ye have to think of it someday. Someone to help ye –““Nay,” Tavish said shortly. “I could never promise before God to worship a woman with my body. The thought makes me cold. ’Tis ye I want in my bed, wee Iain. Ye and none other.”Oh boy! That right there is what had me up until midnight or so staying up to read until I seriously fell asleep and had my Nook smack me on the head. This book was a short read but it was lovely. I loved the language and how it was used. This wasn’t a contemporary masquerading as a historical, I felt like I was transported back to Scotland. Maybe it’s my heritage, being Scottish and all or maybe it was the passionate tale of these two men (*ahem* in kilts…swoon) as they fell in love and fought for their chance to be happy with the one they want. Whatever it is, it just made this story work.For my first Historical Romance in 15yrs, this was absolutely perfect. I miss Iain and Tavish already and I hope where I left them on that last page is the start to a beautiful life.