The Prince (The Original Sinners) - Tiffany Reisz I have said it before; The Siren sat me on my ass, The Angel kicked my ass and now The Prince? The Prince owns my ass. I have been sucked in to the world of The Original Sinners for months; devouring everything that comes out getting to know them better. Just when I think I have a handle on who they are and what they may or may not do I am thrown to the ground gasping for air and reaching for the next story. The Prince begins where we left off in The Angel. Nora has taken off her shoes and run straight into the arms of Wesley. Søren is left alone with Kingsley who is more than ready to take advantage of the situation. While the Little One is away, our King wants to play.From the Prologue we get the voice of the thief who has stolen Nora’s file.The intrigue is deeply set and I will say after finishing the book; I went back and read it again. Trust me, do this. It will read completely different when you do. The alternating time lines and locations tell the story flawlessly. I knew with each heading where my mind and heart needed to be. From the North in The Past with Kingsley and Søren as teenagers meeting at Saint Ignatius; to the North in The Present thirty years later with them visiting ghosts of their pasts trying to unravel the mystery and the identity of the thief. Down to the South with Nora and Wesley living in a new world together trying to find their way and get what they need without being lost. NORTH The Past:The opportunity to be voyeur into the past of Søren and Kingsley as they meet was gorgeous. We know they had a relationship and they have a stronger bond even today that is beyond friendship. But seeing them, feeling through Kingsley the first time he saw Søren sitting at a piano playing Ravel, was magnificent. If you thought the first look at Søren in The Siren was majestic, this is ten times better. Through these chapters we see a different side of Søren; we see him yes as a young man but through Kingsley’s eyes he becomes much more of a ‘man’ than the enigma that we have seen him as. I learned so much about Søren that I have begun to understand him. Though we never get into his head, Kingsley let us see him thoroughly. I was fascinated by Søren in The Siren, I empathized with him in The Angel and now I have fallen hard for him. "He smiled almost shyly and Kingsley understood it all – why Søren was so cold, so remote, why he could and did instill such fear in the hearts of everyone who came near him. He did it on purpose. He did it to keep them safe."Kingsley, oh the gorgeous Frenchman, I cannot think of him and not melt. The lengths that Søren and Kingsley go to for each other, to be with one another just about did my poor heart in. As secrets are revealed, stories are told and they are simply together my hand was permanently on my chest wanting more. NORTH The Present:I love the way these chapters were set up. You see Kingsley and Søren in the past and then immediately you are in the present with them. You have the emotions and the history in your head. You are right there with them with every step, every conversation, every confession and every breathtaking moment between them that broke my heart and slowly stitched it back together again. Oh I loved these two in the past but bringing all of that forward immediately had me on my knees. With Nora away with Wesley, Kingsley is not going to waste time now that he has Søren to himself. He is taking the opportunity to be with him while they investigate Nora’s stolen file. The trips back to the Saint Ignatius in the car…"Lovely to know that I’m not the only one of us who engages in wishful thinking. Yes, she’ll come back to you…the day you come back to me." There are so many moments in this I want to share. I have to say that there are four words, FOUR WORDS that made me drop the book with my hand to my heart and I had to remember to breathe. Four words that rocked my world and tore me apart while giving me so much hope and happiness it was overwhelming. SOUTH:Oh my poor romantic heart! I am forever on Team Wesley and seeing him this way was beyond my wildest dreams and fantasies. Wesley bringing Nora home, standing up for her, showing her his world and wanting to share it with her had me sighing at least a dozen times in each chapter. Nora was grounded here; there is something about Wesley that changes her and being in his world is definitely altering yet she is still the witty Nora we have come to love. The pure need and love between these two was what I have been waiting, hoping and wishing for. Neither of them holds anything back…"Wesley’s absence from her life has been a void no amount of sex or money or kink or fame had been able to fill." "It’s sad when a Thoroughbred gets hurts in a race. But when Søren hurts you, I die inside." Nora and Wesley together; that is it, it has to be enough just to say that. One whole book of them being apart was torture. I am taking them anyway I can and holy hell is it something to see. There is so much I want to say about this but I just can’t. I can’t go on without spoiling it and I don’t do spoilers. I feel that writing this has spoiled it enough, even for me and I have read it twice and a couple handfuls of scenes at least a dozen times. I was absolutely blown away by The Prince. I finished it two weeks ago and I cannot let it go. I hear songs, see pictures and am immediately drawn back into the story. The mystery of who stole Nora’s file is there throughout each page and I was stunned when I realized who it was. Jaw on the floor stunned and then the massive cliff hanger ending? A whole party of questions started dancing around my head and they will never hear the last call alert. There was so much emotion in this book that I dare you, I double dog dare you not to feel when you read it. It’s impossible; unless you are dead inside, lack a heart, an open mind and the imagination to go where you must. *ARC provided by Harlequin MIRA via NetGalley.