Shattered Glass (Shattered Glass, #1) - Dani Alexander I am at a loss how to review this book. I have gone back over many of my favorite scenes at least a half dozen times since I finished it three days ago. I cannot get enough of it. My thoughts are all over the place so let me see if I can even begin to formulate a review.Shattered Glass was a wonderful surprise. After reading a quote from it in a friends review (Hi Blacky!) I immediately bought it. I had high hopes that it would be funny, suck me in and give me the great feelings I have been experiencing in my current obsession with male/male romance and it did not let me down, hell the damn book was fantastic. So much more than I could have hoped for.This book was so funny, so endearing, so sweet, so special, so passionate and so perfect! I am not a fan of the first person narrative at all yet this was so brilliantly written that it did not even faze me until the end. You have to admire talent like that.We meet Austin Glass, detective with the Denver Police Department where he waits at a less than fabulous diner for his contact who could break his current case. While waiting, a set of Bunny Slippers catches his eye and he lets his gaze follow up the body of a man who Austin cannot look away from. With this, we get our first glimpse into the hilarious and endearing inner dialogue of Detective Glass.Curious about the wearer, I skipped to his face. My breath caught. Model beautiful, with thick red hair and millions of freckles, blue eyes, blue like glacial waters, like romantic poems, like heavens and…blue like romantic poems? What the ever-living fuck? Cold blue eyes. That was all I could concentrate on. Cold but captivating. I had always thought freckles went with innocence, but there was nothing innocent about those eyes. From their first “meeting” Austin become obsessed with “Bunny Slippers,” actively stalking him because he cannot get him out of his head, even while he is on his way to meet his fiancé to get fitted for his wedding tux. Yes, that is right; Austin is engaged to a woman, so why is he lustily fixated on a redheaded man in bunny slippers? That is where this story turns into a fantastic read for me.With Shattered Glass, you don’t get the “boy meets boy, boy falls for boy story,” well, you do in the fact that Austin falls for Bunny Slippers almost immediately but what you get is Austin’s struggle with “embracing the gay.” Our hero is most certainly not gay as he tells himself often enough. He has been with women for years and is engaged, so he can’t be gay, right?The story of our Detective and his Bunny Slipper wearing crush, aka Peter is high on my list of favorite couples. These two had a slow burn effect to their relationship; never quite knowing where the relationship would go or IF it would go anywhere at all, it kept me turning page after page to continue on while the laughing until I cried with chapter titles that were hysterical and set the scenes up perfectly. The amount of sharp wit in this book has me smiling and wanting to go back and read my favorite parts again.“You’re confusing,” I answered.“You stand in the doorway, clothes sticking to you like you just got out of the shower and didn’t dry off.” I hadn’t dried off actually. “Your hair is wet like it’s been raining, but it’s near ninety outside. You glare at me for a good ten minutes before you come over. Sit across from me in my booth, without an invitation. Don’t introduce yourself. Don’t say hello. You announce you’re not gay, but that I made you gay, and I am the one who is confusing you?”Ah Peter, how could I not fall in love with you? You and your secrets that come out in the oddest moments, the twists with your story and that unexplainable pull that not only has Austin a total mess but me as well, you sir are something else. Your love of family, of wanting to do what’s right and your fantastic ability to screw with Austin’s mind makes me love you unconditionally.Again, my thoughts are all over the place. There is so much in this book that needs to be read. It not only is a love story, it is as story about acceptance. Through Austin’s flash back to his teenage years we get a heart breaking tale of a friend’s “coming out.” We deal with Austin and his acceptance of who he truly is and what he ultimately wants and needs in his life to be happy and whole.“That’s a lot of blood,” I point out, wincing at the picture of dark shapes nestled in pools of blood.“It’s my interpretation of Stonewall,” says Jesse, examining my face closely.“Okay. What’s that?”“A riot that started the gay rights movement. So they didn’t have to worry about getting hassled or arrested for being gay.”“I don’t get it. Why didn’t they just stop being gay?”“Could you?”What I knew beyond a doubt, was that if I continued to deny who I was, I’d end up with my service revolver in my mouth. Shattered Glass is a wonderful story; one that had me constantly saying “WTH?” as each new twist was thrown at these men. One that had me smiling, gasping and falling in love with Peter and Austin just as fast as Austin fell for those Bunny Slippers. Laughter through tears is one of my favorite emotions and that is how I would describe me reading this book. The humor is there, it’s unavoidable with Austin, it’s his thing, but the intensity of the subject matter is not lost behind the laughs. It’s front and center and dealt with in a way that has me once again, flustered trying to review this.If I did love him, what then? Did men love each other? Was that even real? What if I loved him and he never loved me back? What if his kind of love was different?Gay love. It wasn’t the same right?Peter had righted the ground under my feet. I was normal for the first time in my life.I have been on the best book streak and I am happy that Shattered Glass is added to this list. After reading the Epilogue I am more than ready to get the second book…a kiss? Really? Bring it on!