Divide & Conquer - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban I needed a few days to actually review this one, this achingly beautiful continuation of two of the most gorgeous characters I have come across in my adventures into this genre. I needed the time to let this sink in. Yeah, I know I have the next book sitting on my Nook ready for me to dive in but I just couldn’t do it right away. My boys, my boys broke my heart with this book. I had to let my melancholy heartache marinate before I could process what happened.Divide & Conquer starts with our boys together, working together and semi living together. After Ty’s admission three stories over a pool on a cruise ship, they are learning how to avoid the obvious while still being partners in and out of the bedroom. He wouldn’t have dreamed of goofing off like this at work a year ago. Hell, six months ago. But Ty Grady had done his damnedest to yank the stick out of Zane’s ass. This book, it seems to be Zane’s book and I have no problem with that at all, seeing as I am totally Team Zane. We get so much of him that we did not get before. His feelings toward Ty are so, just so damn Zane. Analyzing the hell out of what he feels for Ty and trying to fight it.Zane could only whisper Ty’s name whenever their lips parted. It was like this more and more often, felling like he just couldn’t breathe without Ty. Now, don’t misunderstand me when I say it's Zane's book,it is still classic Ty and Zane...they are still as funny, sweet and hot as always but there is something that draws them away from each other. This time, it is the city of Baltimore and it is in an upheaval with bombs and threats coming from every angle with law enforcement agencies being the primary targets, the boys have a task at hand. To help make the city safe and to keep them alive, they never seem to be out of danger for long.As the investigation gets on its way to put a stop to the madness, the destruction and the deaths; our pair is forced to deal with the unexpected. How they go about it is what this book was about for me. Being in the dark on this case, Ty and Zane are forced to lean on each other in new ways. The vulnerability seeping out of both of them is beautiful. I adore how these two are so strong and yet a simple act, word, gesture from each other has them and me on my knees.“You don’t want me staying with you?” Ty asked in the most neutral voice he could muster.“No, I want you with me all the time. But I know us. That wouldn’t work.”He wanted to be there for Zane all the same. He wanted to Zane to know Ty was behind him, no matter what. “Will you give me a chance?” he pleaded.The ripple of emotion across Zane’s face was indefinable; at first Ty thought he identified surprise, then happiness, then maybe hope. “Yes,” Zane answered. There are so many great and heartbreaking scenes in Divide & Conquer and that title has many meanings to me. Only now as I write this are they popping up as I go through my notes. So many highlights and notes with this book. There were so many things said, or thought or done that killed me. One case in point; two words, slow dance. Goodness, that scene in the living room, how can something as simple as a dance be that sexy?Zane’s pulse thrummed as he gave himself over totally into Ty’s hands, following his capable direction and floating on the music. His bad mood didn’t stand a chance, and Zane could feel a smile pulling at his lips. He’d thought about this, a slow dance with his lover, not a flashy tango or a writhing clash under a disco ball. But he’d never dreamed he would get one. It was possibly one of the most erotic, most loving things Ty had ever done for him. Must. Take. Deep. Breaths. Okay...Ooh! Can I just give a salute to Team Sidewinder for a second? Meeting Ty’s long time Marine brothers and friends was a glimpse into who Ty was back then and the experiences that make up who he is now. We get to meet Nick O'Flaherty, good lord Nick! I honestly went through a tangle of emotions with him; I wanted to hug him, drink with him and then punch him. I have heard rumors we get more of him in future books and I am definitely looking forward to it. Team Sidewinder poses a hurdle for Ty, one that had me holding my breath as he jumped over it almost effortlessly. I let out the biggest exhale when he did make that leap and then coming home to tell Zane? Goodness Ty. This book was so full of emotion for me. I think it could be my favorite in the series, but then again I say that with each one I read. This series does not lose its appeal; each book gets better and better.Divide & Conquer is another great read in the Cut & Run series. Even though the end, broke my heart and had me yelling NOOOO at my Nook only to read those last paragraphs over again to see if I missed something, some joke that went over my head. Even as I look over my favorite parts with tears in my eyes at how beautiful they are and am now having trouble seeing what I am typing (queue the sappy music floating through my ear phones at the moment or the violins for my poor romantic heart), I loved this. I am ready for whatever comes next for my boys. I am in it for the long haul with these two.