Honor Student - Teresa Mummert Today's recap of Honor Student is brought to you by VanDermemes...Warning, this review contains spoilers. Take it away VanDermemes!Emma is a student, her teacher is replaced by Mr. Honor "His hair was dark and just long enough to pull of the 'just out of bed' look. His eyes were a piercing blue that matched his button up shirt that hugged his muscular chest perfectly." Mr. Honor seems so hot yet we soon learn that he is controlling and likes to order Emma around with menacing texts and rapid commands of NOW!!!Emma has a bit of fun in the bathroom with the girls...But then gets a "lesson" from her new teacher. Emma decides to give up her V-card to Mr. Honor by letting him tie her up with a belt AND to the bed...They play a lovely game of cat and mouse teasing each other at the club...Then it's more time at Mr. Honor's place where it should be this...but instead you get this...Soon our brand new couple hit a snag in the relationship...But it is just a big misunderstanding...Emma falls asleep a lot...More drama and there is a fight...Mr. Honor comes out the winner and all are happy. The two are in love and go on vacation after graduation for more sexy time...But then Emma gets to meet the parents...She sets the record straight with dear old dad...Another big misunderstanding and Emma takes off...Mr. Honor finds her and proposes...The story ends and waits for you to read Mr. Honor's POV in the next book. Which I will read because I already bought the damn thing.