More than Meets the Ink - Elle Aycart This has been on my To Be Read list for months. There was something about it from the first look that kept me coming back to it but never picking it up. I believe there is a time for each book to be read in my life and for me More Than Meets the Ink was exactly what I needed.From the opening Meet Cute with Tate Cooper crawling soldier style in the grass with her mother searching for a missing cat in the Eternal Sun Resort and retirement community looking up and directly into the eyes of James Bowen; I knew the story had something to pull me in.As in a standard romance we have the male and female who have preconceived judgments about one another. Tate likes James well enough at first glance until she sees the tattoos. Her mind instantly lumps him into the pile with the bad boys; the love 'em and leave 'em type who can't hold down a job etc. but "The jerk was gorgeous."