Stranded (Night Calls, #1) - J.C. Valentine This was the perfect read to snuggle up with on cold night in bed. This is a short story but only in length. Stranded holds its own and locks you into the story immediately. Felix Sinclair, a literary agent (sigh) in his way home from a conference when he has an accident in and ends up upside down in a ditch. With great skill and finesse he gets out and looks for help. Poppy Montgomery, a divorcee living alone with her dog sees a man walking onto her property in the middle of a horrible storm and rushes out to help him. "She wasn’t ready for this kind of distraction he caused her. It was bad enough she found him attractive, but having a attractive man in her home was just asking for trouble."Though they are strangers; the tension is felt between these two once they get into the house and begin to strip down their defenses. Felix and Poppy are broken by past relationships but the immediate connection they feel could be the perfect opportunity for a night of passion. Will one night be enough for either of them? Is the instant attraction only there to ride out the storm? "Felix was not a one stand kind of a guy. He didn’t do commitments. It surprised him how comfortable he was in a stranger’s home in a stranger’s bed."Stranded is a wonderful story about how two people can come together under less than perfect circumstances. Call it fate, call it destiny or call it serendipity; whatever you call it is just works! The story of Felix and Poppy is one that I cannot stop thinking about. Poppy with her trashy romance novel, Felix feeling overwhelmed by their instant connection. I am anxious to have more from this author and to see where and if their story continues.