Big Sky - Kitty Thomas I had waited for this book to come out and was not disappointed. Big Sky is classic Kitty Thomas. She builds a non-consensual world where you are uncertain where it will take you but once you are there you know there is purpose.Veronica is drowning in the city. Being buried in debt by her current life style things only get worse when she loses her job and her apartment. She meets a handsome cowboy at a diner who offers a solution. Work on his ranch for free room and board. The allure of the open sky, free of buildings that constantly block her view isn’t enough for her to make a decision… so it is made for her.Luke Granger knows what he wants. He sees Veronica and an overwhelming sensation to own her becomes his goal. Something has been taken from his life and he will do whatever he has to in order for it to come back. Veronica fits the need and void; Luke is a man of action. "I rode up and rescued your ass, and when I’m finished with you, you’ll politely thank me for it." Life at the ranch was a bit unexpected. The secrets that are held there were more heartbreaking to me than shocking. Having read everything Kitty Thomas has written I know that nothing is put into a story for shock value. There can be scenes where you question intent but trust is always there if you look for it, you can feel it. Even in the hardest scenes to read it’s there. The non-con world is darker but without the trust even a Master/Slave relationship is destined to fail.I felt Veronica’s struggle with who she was and who she could now be. She is a feminist, she doesn’t need men to open her door, and pull out her chair yet at her core she knows what Luke offers is something she desires. Luke’s men on the ranch all play a role as well. Each one of them offers something to Veronica that she needs. As if putting them together would make one ideal. "What one fantasized about and what one was willing to actually do could be continents apart. Whatever was happening wasn’t about doors and misogyny and rights and indignation. It was pure, raw animal lust that reached inside her and flipped something low in her gut." Big Sky for me broke my heart in a few ways. I loved Luke (he did quote Shakespeare!) even with everything he did. He as fueled by love and loss. His actions may not have been standard gentlemanly but that is not who he is. He did have reasons for everything and tried to make them valuable to Veronica. She fought him so much knowing that what he offered what was she wanted, but could she take it knowing she would always be a replacement? Never seen as herself? Could she take that and live with it?As always I will not go into a great deal of detail with this book. I feel to get the experience you just need to read it. There are some scenes that may be disturbing to the reader but these books come with a disclaimer. Read it and be self aware.