Easy - Tammara Webber Honestly, 5 stars is not even close to enough to rate this book!As a die hard anti YA reader I was reluctant to try Easy, but on the recommendation of a friend (Thank You Emily!) I went out on a limb and tried it. I was not disappointed. To classify this book as YA, even YA-M to me is cheating the author. The characters are mature, make adult decisions and Ms. Webbers writing is beautifully flawless. Having finished this in less than 24hrs I highly recommend it to anyone who loves their romance with a lot of emotion; I was constantly blushing at the intensity of the scenes and putting my hand over my heart many times and gasping at the depth of portrayed between the characters in text. I will not give any spoilers; you need to read this book! Do not pass this book up, get it now! You will not regret it.