No Reservations (Bad Girls Know #1) - Lilly Cain Oh what a short and sexy read! Travis Morgan is having trouble getting a flight out to Boston to spend time with his buddies from college. When he gets to speak to management of the travel agency; the name stirs up old memories and longing."Alicia Davis - I'd know that voice anywhere."Alicia, remembering all too well the time she and Travis spent in college decides to help an old friend out but there is a catch. Travis will get his ticket to Boston in exchange for something Alicia wants. The two meet at the airport and the instant connection/attraction leads them to room 301. A passionate night is spent but Travis is left alone in the morning with nothing but a message on the bathroom mirror. "Too bad you missed the flight. Now we are even. Game over."Travis, having felt more than a sexual connection with Alicia, seeks her out and decides the game isn't over, it's just beginning. "He was intelligent, charming, funny. He was sexy. And he'd made her feel so good. Dangerous."No Reservations was a fun read for being so short. Travis and Alicia have a great chemistry that is not only sexy but charming with their playfulness and willingness to take a chance on each other. The games are still on but the rules have changed. "The game, their relationship, whatever you wanted to call it. It was on and she wanted to play, to compete, to race with his man and never stop." ARC provided by Carina Press via NetGalley.